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Announcing …

Meet the newest arrival to my family, my grandson, Arlo! ❤

Arlo is three days old now, but of course I couldn’t announce his arrival until his Mummy and Daddy were ready to introduce him to the world.

Me and husband met our newest grandson tonight, and we both agree that he is absolute perfection.

This afternoon, just for fun, my daughters put together a collage of my three grandsons and one granddaughter, with photos taken just after each of them were born. I don’t know if I’m the only one who sees it, but I think these babies have some similar features to each other.

Compared to my announcement, Mount Warning seems like rather a bland topic today, however, I did commit to sharing a photo of the mountain every day. So share, I must.

Poor mountain – on any other day the sunlit, clear blue ranges and mountain would be something to rave about. Today, they pale in comparison to my announcement.

Oh, and tomorrow, I will have an update on my kitchen renovation.

This has been quite a busy week! 🙂

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More from Saturday …

… but first, here is the valley today – more rain, more clouds, another photo of a partially hidden mountain.

One huge bonus is the cooler weather we are enjoying lately. 🙂

On Saturday, my son and daughter-in-law invited a few friends around for a bar-be-que. Their back yard is quite small, so we are happy to share ours with our family and their friends.

All my grandchildren were here too, and I took a couple of photos of Braxton and Aurora that I rather like.

Aurora’s balloon escaped and ended up in the pool, so Poppy took her into the pool area to help her rescue it.

Aurora met puppy Summer for the first time too, and they discovered they were just the right size for one another. ❤ Aurora wasn’t about to let go of that balloon either.

Braxton didn’t realise how patient I could be when I planned on taking his photo. Hiding behind his hand wouldn’t deter me. 😉

Gotcha! 😛

Today I had the final detailed measure of my new kitchen, which will begin installation in the second week of February. Exciting times! 🙂

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Three Adorable Ones

Tonight my four-year-old grandson is having a sleep-over at Nana and Poppy’s house, and I have snuck away to add a very quick post while he is watching the Spongebob movie. Poppy is out buying pizza for dinner, as you do when the opportunity arises to spoil your grandson. 🙂

Today all three grandchildren visited, so someone had the great idea that we’d try and get a photo of them all together. Hmm, they are all together, so that’s a start! We’ll have to work on encouraging them to all smile – or at least all look at the camera – at the same time. 😉

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Christmas Eve

‘Twas the night before Christmas,

When all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring …

Well, maybe one creature was stirring. Bowie is wondering what all the fuss is about, I’m sure.

And he’s heard that a big jolly guy in a red suit might come down the chimney at any moment, so he’s keeping watch.

After days of preparation, I think we are finally prepared for Christmas Day. This year, Emma had some helpers when she made the gingerbread house.

And baby Eli looks pretty impressed by how talented his mummy is!

After a year that has thrown many challenges our way, as you prepare to celebrate Christmas, I wish you …

… and …

… and everything wonderful you could wish for. ❤


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December Storms

Before 7:00am this morning I had a kookaburra waiting outside my kitchen window for breakfast. Husband left for work early, so my day began about an hour earlier. I had already given the pot plants a watering and finished a few chores around the house when kookie arrived, and when I went out with his meat, the magpie family arrived too.

Moments after I went outside, there was a huge thunderclap in the valley, and a few spits of rain suggested an approaching storm. A quick downfall, accompanied by several more loud crack of nearby thunder though, and it was all over.

Petunias waiting to be planted.

By 9:00am, I was heading out to spend a few hours Christmas shopping with my daughter. We had a lovely morning, and met up with my other daughter and her two-year-old, Aurora, for morning tea. Aurora’s other Nana joined us for coffee as well, and met my baby grandson, Eli, for the first time.

Last years Gazanias, still looking happy, regardless of our excessive early summer heat.

I may have finished my Christmas shopping now. Hopefully I have, as the only reason I want to go to the shops now is to buy food.

Later this afternoon, the threatened morning storm arrived in earnest, with thunder, and heavy rain. After the storm passed, husband checked the rain guage, and found that we’d had 20ml. of rain in about half an hour.

I hadn’t expected any amazing sunset colour-show in the valley after seeing the amount of white mist that had rolled in with the storm. Half way through cooking dinner though, this is what I saw –

The sky lit up in orange-red hues, the mist had disappeared, and the valley made her magical early evening offering yet again. ❤