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A Beautiful Misty Morning

What a beautiful scene I awoke to this morning! Looking out of the windows at the back of my house, down into the valley, it looked as if an ocean had taken up residence!

Mount Warning looked over the valley, as majestic as ever, smiling on the new day, mist dancing around at her feet.

A sleepy old farm house at the bottom of the valley looked as though it may be swallowed up by a blanket of mist at any moment. You will have to run your mouse over this photo and click on it to enlarge, to see the old home.

In parts of the valley the mist was so dense, it looked for all the world as if we live beside the Pacific Ocean, although we are actually about ten minutes drive from the coast.

This beautiful mist effect happens regularly at this time of year. After weeks of cold weather, we enjoyed warmer temperatures yesterday, in the low twenties. When the earth cools again at night, the mist rolls in! Stunning…

A regular in our garden, a friendly kookaburra who enjoys dive bombing our pool, perched himself on our pool fence, watching the unfolding of a new day.

Although it is the middle of winter, our neighbours beautiful magnolia tree is already in full bloom. It looked particularly pretty today.

After such a beautiful start to the day, I still have one request for the Gods of the Weather ~ Please, may I have just a little more winter, before the summer arrives again? 🙂

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