Weekly Photo Challenge ~ One

Last weeks WordPress Photo Challenge theme was “One”. Yes, I know, I’m late, but I really wanted to share a photo and a short story….

Sitting silently alone, in the midst of…well…nothing, I spotted this old park bench.

I visited an old park just recently, during a visit back to my old home town (which I have yet to tell you all about!)

Way back in time, at the very young age of only nine years old (wow, that sounds so long ago!) I enjoyed playing in this park, which was just across the road from the home we lived in.

It was a rented property and we only lived there for a couple of months, whilst our new home was being built, but the memories of this home have lived on, so many years later.

My hours spent playing in the park with friends were definitely a highlight of this time.

The park has been renewed over the years and certainly isn’t the same as when I played there as a child. But it is still a park. With one very old bench, sitting near the fence.

I could never know for sure, but I do believe that perhaps this is the old bench that lived in this same park, way back when….

There is no way of knowing for sure if it’s the same bench, but I like to think that maybe it is. Just maybe, something of my old park still remains today.


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