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Leaving on a Jet ‘Plane

When you were a little boy, did you ever dream of the countries you would visit one day?

He’s leaving on a jet ‘plane this morning. He’ll be at the Brisbane airport now; his luggage will have been checked and probably loaded onto the plane. He’ll also probably be on the plane himself, sitting with two of his best mates from his childhood.

Have they been allocated good seats? Who else will be on board the plane, taking the twenty-two hour flight with them? Will he enjoy the movies he watches? His only concern about his entire trip was the flight there and the flight home again.

No, no, don’t get me wrong, he loves air travel, that’s not his concern; it’s the boredom; it’s the wasted days.

“Try to focus on the adventure ahead of you, of seeing a whole new country on the other side of the world”, his father had suggested. “That will make the flight seem shorter.”

The clock on the mantelpiece strikes 11 am. Is the ‘plane running to schedule? Is he comfortably sitting aboard the plane, perhaps in a window seat, watching as the ground races past his window and the ‘plane takes off, lifting higher and higher, the ground becoming smaller and smaller?

When I speak with my blogging friends in the U.S.A. why is it that they feel so close to me, yet when my son is taking the twenty-two hour flight to the other side of the world, it suddenly feels as if he is going to another planet?

Travel safe, my boy. Enjoy your adventure. Make the most of the trip that you and your mates have planned for months.

Your room will be waiting here for you when you return. I will be so excited as the days draw nearer to your return home, just as I have done when you have travelled overseas before.

Why didn’t Japan or Sri Lanka seem so far away? I believe I am only taking on board your concerns as my own. But haven’t I always done that?

The “Big Apple” awaits you, my son; your five-week adventure begins today. xxxxxx

~ ~ ~

7 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet ‘Plane

  1. Joanne! My baby is in the “Big Apple” too! (But I would feel just like you if she was on a plane headed for Australia. NYC feels close–Brisbane feels like Down Under.) **smile** big hugs, Mama**


    1. Thank you for the hugs Kathy. I felt quite lost when he left. They’ve rented an apartment in Manhatten, walking distance to eveything (so I’m told!) Yes, Brisbane is very Down Under! 😀


  2. Joanne! My baby is in the “Big Apple” too! ~~~ Sorry, I just couldn’t resist parroting Kathy since my daughter lives in New York, too. 🙂 I felt pretty much the same way as you do now when she flew to Curaçao for a scuba diving adventure… I hope your son has a fantastic time with his buddies!


    1. New York must be “thee” place to be Barbara! My boy seemed more excited about going to the states than he did when heading off to Japan and Sri Lanka. After eight days in New York they head down to New Orleans, then up again to LA, so they will be seeing quite a bit of the country. 🙂 Curaçao sounds very exotic!


  3. Well, none of my family is in the Big Apple so I can’t lead with that the way Kathy and Barbara did… 😉

    I hope your son is having a fine time in New York, New Orleans, and wherever else they wander.


    1. It’s good to be different, don’t you think Robin? 😉

      I’m sure they are having a wonderful time. He’s not big on phoning or texting, but we’ll hear all about the trip when he gets home.


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