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The Most Romantic Non-Proposal of All Time.


“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” ~ H. Jackson Brown Junior.

It’s St. Valentine’s Day, a day when apparently many love-sick men propose marriage to their heart’s desire, as they bury said lover in mounds of fragrant roses whilst simultaneously slipping thousands of dollars worth of diamonds onto their beloveds petite hand.

I’m afraid the idea of such a proposal leaves me feeling rather flat.

How about some uncommercialised, straight-from-the-heart, free-from-gushing honesty this year?

One of the most romantic scenes I have ever seen in a movie is from “Three Weddings and a Funeral”. It is pure honesty at it’s best. I love it!

How do you feel about St. Valentine’s Day? Is it overrated, or do you enjoy the gushing and glitz?