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Coming up for air….Spring Air!

Cute little new balls of downie feathers.
Cute little new balls of downie feathers.

Yes, that’s right, I really am coming up for air, after days and weeks at the sewing machine again.

Remember I said I would be selling my sewing business? Didn’t happen. I lost the urge to part company with my long-standing “friend”, the one that monopolises my time and leaves me with eye-strain and an aching neck during the most demanding times of the year. And you know something, I actually enjoyed the familiar whirring sounds of my industrial sewing machines, the cutting of fabric, the snip of the clippers, seeing the shirts I have constructed finally taking on form. That old familiar sense of achievement kicked in again and I’m feeling okay with the work that I do. For now.

I have had to put my fun, creative craft work temporarily on hold but my hours spent at the sewing machine has given my mind time to wander off along on the creative avenues that I will be pursuing again when the work is complete.

Whilst sitting in my work room, with window wide open, the welcoming sounds of the chirping of baby birds has filled my ears! Through years of practice I have learnt the art of “selective hearing”, allowing the outdoor sounds of nature to have a higher volume than my machines. A few days ago two baby “Noisy Miners” came along for a visit with Mama Miner and yesterday I was thrilled to bits to finally see a baby Magpie, whose tiny chirps I had heard for a few days.

First sighting of a baby Magpie, newly emerged from the nest.
First sighting of a baby Magpie, newly emerged from the nest.

On Monday morning my youngest son flies to New Zealand for nine days….a school excursion, no less! How times have changed, school excursion highlights back in my days at school consisted of a trip to the local council chamber! They’ll be skiing almost daily and having a fabulous time I know, I’ve seen the itinerary, so this weekend will consist of sorting through clothes, shopping for last minute warm clothing requirements and making sure the bag he’s taking doesn’t weigh any more than twenty-two kilos…..

I’m really looking forward to entering the world of people again (as opposed to the world of sewing!) and can’t wait to read what all of my blogging friends have been up to while I’ve been in semi-hibernation again.

For tonight though I am looking forward to a night in front of the television, perhaps watching a DVD, glass of white wine in hand, followed by an early night to bed…… 🙂

8 thoughts on “Coming up for air….Spring Air!

  1. Good morning or good evening, Joanne, depending on when you are reading this. How nice to hear from you again! I like that you hear selectively the sounds of nature even as your sewing machine whirs. I like it that you balance your life with creativity and routine. It’s interesting how we can keep changing our minds. I can be ready to quit blogging or FB and then am totally in love with it. Gzzzeesh. Wouldn’t it be better to be predictable and have just one opinion? Or not…tee hee… have a great day, my friend!


    1. Good morning Kathy! I think we are on opposite sides of the day; when I “visited you” a short time ago it was night time there. 🙂

      The blogging world would lose a very bright sparkling light if you ever gave up blogging, so I hope it never ever happens, but I know what you mean, it would be ‘comfortable’ if we were all predictable and only had one opinion, but that would be a loss of freedom and honestly, wouldn’t it make us all just downright boring? 😉

      Have a great weekend, dearest Kathy. 🙂


    1. Thank you Sybil, I am enjoying this time of year. The temperature is just right each day and the garden is colourful and full of scents and birdsong. Spring is amazing. 🙂


  2. You know I think it’s when we have to do all the same things over and over…when we have to do them way too often we can get rather put off by it all and even (I’ve found) when they’re actually things we really enjoy. I know I can be the same way about things at work but then, after a holiday, I’ll find I actually get enjoyment and satisfaction out of it all over again.
    The photos are lovely too. We don’t seem to have any babies in our garden yet this year.


    1. Thank you KiddazzleInk, you have reminded me of something that I notice every time I become bogged down with a too huge workload; I really do enjoy sewing and when I’ve been away from my machines for a while then return, it feels ‘right’, as if this is where I’m meant to be! Balancing all aspects of life can become tricky though. I nearly gave up on my sewing business a while ago but hesitated, knowing that I may feel differently when not so overwhelmed, and that’s exactly what did happen.

      Hopefully your garden will soon be filled with he magical sounds of chirruping baby birds. 🙂


  3. Here we go riding that same wavelength again, Joanne. I left teaching four years ago – you know, to experience something different. And voila – here I am teaching again. But like you, I find comfort in the familiar. Now, if only I could come take some sewing lessons from you!

    Happy spring – we’re gearing up for a relief from the heat with autumn! ❤


  4. Hi there! I’ve been in a bit of blogging hibernation too! I’m trying to make the rounds and see what everyone has been up to, and I am hoping to put up a post later today. Those baby birds are so adorable! I’m so behind, your son must be back from his excursion by now. You are so right about school trips being so different. We went to museums and the state capitol when I was a kid. My daughter took a trip to Disney World last year for a school trip!


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