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Lady of the Dead ~ A Halloween Makeup Session


Who is that girl in the photo? I don’t recognize her! But that’s my clock, sitting on the mantle piece, right behind her!???????????????????????????????

Now that’s more like it, I know these two girls, my beautiful daughters, Emma and Hayley. Hayley loves playing around with makeup and creating different effects, so when Emma asked her to turn her into someone who even her mother wouldn’t recognize, eg, The Lady of the Dead, (as you can see in the photo on the phone in Hayley’s hand,) Hayley was all for it!???????????????????????????????

It began quite simply, just a big circle around her eyes……???????????????????????????????

Well that was a surprise….a bit dark, don’t you think????????????????????????????????

I thought Emma said she was going to the party as The Lady of the Dead, not a Panda Bear!???????????????????????????????

That softens it up a bit, Hayley is getting into her “Flower-Power” mode….she always did love drawing flowers when she was a little girl. 🙂 ???????????????????????????????

Aww, that’s kind of cute, a little black nose…..???????????????????????????????

…..and funky little whiskers too; maybe she is going to the party as a cute little fury creature, after all. ???????????????????????????????

Oh, a cute little fury creature with white lines on its face…..I’ve got it ~ a white tiger…..or, or, or……a zebra!???????????????????????????????

Well that’s kind of pretty, in an odd sort of way, if you half close your eyes…..???????????????????????????????

What the….?!!! That can’t be Emma! She wouldn’t be caught dead with hair that messy!???????????????????????????????

I think a nice necklace would look better, Emma, don’t you????????????????????????????????

Here comes the special effects lady Hayley again, what’s she doing this time????????????????????????????????

I feel faint…….???????????????????????????????

Eeeewwwww………………that can’t be my beautiful girl, can it?

Thank goodness Halloween only comes around once a year!

Footnote : Emma enjoyed herself, didn’t drink too much, and went to bed reasonably early, if you call 3 am early!

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