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Preparations for The Ceremony

pick a sideToday’s learning session on Blogging 201 is “headers”, and as I’m very happy with my current header, I will be leaving it as-is for now. Day 2 of Writing 101 requires students to write a list….

Emma 2

Well, I’ve been writing lists constantly this year, most recently for the wedding of my handsome son Adam, and his beautiful bride Mary, so I don’t think I need any more practice in that department! So, what better day than this to show off a few more wedding photos. 🙂

You may remember in my last series of photos, the wedding rehearsal had taken place the day before the wedding, tables were set, chairs for the guests all fancied up, wedding favours prepared and in position, flowers arranged, and Mary was almost ready for her grand entrance.M & E

Just a little bit of help was needed with Mary’s stunning wedding dress though, so Emma did a wonderful impersonation of a woman from the 1800’s, looping the length of thin fabric through the loops at the back of the dress and pulling it tightly together. IMG_2124

Mary chose a dainty headpiece of Baby’s Breath to decorate her hair, so once that was in place, she was all set.IMG_2139

What a picture Mary looked! She was so beautiful, she is beautiful, and she positively glowed on her wedding day. IMG_2143

Meanwhile, in another room at the front of the house (where the bride and groom wouldn’t accidentally bump into each other!) the boys managed to scrub themselves up quite reasonably as well.the boys

On the very last minute, I remembered (thank goodness!) the single roses that needed to be added to the boys lapels. Each button-hole was sewn closed, of course, so out came my glasses and quick-unpick. I could never have imagined how tedious it would be, slitting open a button-hole, just minutes before the wedding ~~ I was all fingers and thumbs!wedding 7

Mary’s gorgeous little flower girl, Koa, looked pretty fabulous as well. Mary & Koa

One last shot of the girls and page-boy Bailey, before the wedding began. So much work had gone into this moment, when everything had been prepared, every detail put into place, and the bridal party, both the men and the women, were all finally ready for the event of the year.before the wedding

Just one more photo of Mary though, I couldn’t have been more proud of my soon-to-be daughter-in-law if she were my own daughter. ❤Mary2

And speaking of being a proud mother, here are my two sons, Adam the groom and his best man and brother, my eldest son, Ben.wedding10

The wedding ceremony began with page-boy Bailey directing his little cousin, flower-girl Koa, out the door and along the aisle, where Adam patiently awaited the appearance of the girls.Bailey & Koa

I can honestly say though, the only girl Adam saw was Mary, the love of his life, who was about to become his wife.Adam

I’m getting goose-bumps just remembering the day, showing the photos, writing about the events and the people who made the day one of the most wonderful days ever, and a day we will all remember with love in our hearts forever.

My next series of wedding photos will be of the ceremony. 🙂



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