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New Beginnings

Christmas Day 2018

As the year 2019 begins, my family is happy, which is all that I have wished for.

This time last year though, I had a different story to tell, although it wasn’t a situation I wished to talk about at the time. On the day of my grandson’s first birthday in July, my daughter-in-law ceremoniously decided she was leaving, moving one-thousand kilometres away, to live with her parents. My son had two choices – stay here and lose his son, or follow his wife, which was really no choice at all. Obviously, he left too.

To be married in March 2019.

For the next six months, I didn’t see my grandson. My son, however, couldn’t cope with being away from his family. He was torn between his birth family, and the one he had created. So in desperation, he tried living and working here during the week, and flying home to his other family for the weekend.

It was a massive strain on him. He was miserable. And I knew there were problems in his marriage.

Fun for the family, Christmas 2018.

As Christmas approached, I felt absolutely no enthusiasm. I felt my youngest son’s pain, and at times I felt as if my heart was bleeding for him. Consequentially, I didn’t buy any Christmas gifts, I gave my family money and asked them to spend it as they pleased.

The Christmas tree looked so bare without the usual array of gifts, but when my family arrived that situation changed as brightly packaged gifts began to mount beneath the tree.

Meeting the right person at the right time! ❤ Christmas 2018.

During the afternoon, we all went outside for a photo session. My heart wasn’t in it though, my son would be missing from the photos. It would be a permanent reminder of the unfortunate split in our family.

At one point, my eldest daughter and her husband handed each family member an envelope, instructing us to open our envelopes together. I imagined I would read my card later, once I had gone inside and had put my reading glasses on. But that all changed when I took out the card, which read –

Jingle bells, jingle bells,

jingle all the way …

Oh what fun

It is to say,

A baby is on the way!

Due to arrive

August 2018.

I was going to be a Nana again! 

Many reasons to smile again …

Fast forward to Christmas 2018 – My youngest son is home again. His ex had chosen another significant day to ceremoniously (again!!) announce the end of their marriage on their third wedding anniversary. But this year, he’s smiling again.

My auntie dunked me!

My boy is back.

My family are all friendly with one another again, just like they used to be (before the x joined the family).

Aunt Em loves me!

And most importantly, my grandson was here to help his four-month-old baby cousin, Aurora Ebony, celebrate her first Christmas. 🙂

Aurora’s Mummy and Daddy getting into the spirit of Christmas.

I think the photos speak louder than any words I could choose.

And in 2019, we have two weddings to look forward to! My eldest son is to be married in March, followed by my youngest daughter who will be married in April. ❤

Christmas 2018 photo session. 🙂

A year ago, I couldn’t write about my life, or my family. This year, we have everything to celebrate!

I’ll be Flower Girl at my Aunt Em’s wedding in April!

I wanted to share this brief version of the story of my 2018 to let anyone who is suffering know that nothing stays the same. Change is inevitable. And there is always hope for a better future.

Uncle Ben and Braxton.

For 2019, I wish everyone a year of happiness, a year of joy, good health and prosperity. A year where even if your life isn’t going completely to plan, know that there is always hope for a brighter future. xx

Watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks on TV with Nana and Poppy. NYE 2018.
Baby Aurora, New Year’s Day 2019.




16 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Beautiful Joanne so happy for you that it all as worked out so well in the end. What an exciting year ahead you have to look forward too. Best wishes for 2019❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a tumultuous year you have had, and how wonderful there is cheer in the air once again. And a new baby! Sustaining relationships can be difficult, especially when we are very young and have so far to grow. Hoping this year will be filled with family love, joy, and togetherness!


  3. Wishing the same for you. 🙂 What a gorgeous family you are blessed with, Joanne. It sounds like it’s been a crazy year of ups and downs. So glad things are coming together (and family is coming together, too!).


    1. It’s a relief to know all of my family have their lives on the right track finally, Robin. Who knew that adult children could cause more concern for their parents than they did when they were children? lol …


  4. Here is the story you told me earlier–along with photos. So glad that this year things are looking up. Some times can be just challenging. I hope 2019 is a wonderful year for you and your family.


    1. It is the same story, Kathy! And telling you about what had happened last Christmas in the comments on your blog gave me the courage to say it here. How weird is that? I thought it was something I could never talk about, yet I proved myself wrong.
      I hope 2019 brings you and your family every happiness in the world. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Joanne, I am so glad that things are better for you. I appreciate your encouraging message as my life is very difficult at the moment as my beloved daughter suffers from BPD and suicidal thoughts. Not sure what the future holds … I’m just hanging on at the moment …


    1. Oh Sybil, I’m so sorry to hear you are going through difficult times. We feel every pain our child feels, and the helplessness we feel when we can’t do anything to fix their world is overwhelming.
      Hang in there, my friend. Hopefully 2019 will improve for you and your daughter. ❤


  6. Life definitely has its ups and downs and nothing pulls at our hearts so much as when our children are suffering. I’m so happy to hear that that things are going so much better for all of you now. You have a beautiful family, what a blessing to have so much love in your life!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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