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Musings Over a Mountain

Photo taken 13th July 2020 at 1:15 pm

Just over twenty-six years ago when we built the home where we live, one of the main attractions was the imposing views we would have across the Tweed Valley and specifically the view of Mount Warning. Over the years I must have taken hundreds, perhaps thousands, of photos of the mountain and I never tire of my view, even after all these years.

Some people said we would forget about our view eventually. According to some, water views are far more impressive than views across inland scenery. Water views are constantly changing and are therefore far more interesting, we were told. Views across the land, they said, never change. We would become bored of our view. How wrong those people were.

Close up taken 1:15 pm today

I’ve always spent a lot of time at home. I love spending my days here, working from home, studying from home, and working in my garden. During the COVID-19 restrictions when we were all urged to stay at home as much as possible, I have been the typical example of one of the memes seen on Facebook. I’m the quintessential person who hasn’t noticed much change in my life as I stay close to home regardless. And while I’ve been at home, I have been noticing and photographing Mount Warning more than ever before.

Every day, the mountain looks different than it did the day before. Every hour of the day, the light cast across the mountain changes its appearance. Cloud formations over the mountain present a different appearance yet again. The sun changes the mountain; the rain changes its appearance even more. As the sun rises each morning, the top of Mount Warning is the first place that the sun hits Australian earth. If I catch the sun rising at just the right time, the top of the mountain glows.

Sugar cane fields in the valley provide a beautiful background for a lone kookaburra. Photo taken today.

The mountain is to the south-west of where I live, and some afternoons the sun sets without incident. Other days, however, the sky about the mountain lights up. I have possibly seen every colour imaginable lighting up the sky above our magnificent mountain over the years. Recently, I have taken photos of the mountain at sunset more than ever before, and seeing a multitude of different images from day to day has got me thinking, maybe I should take a photo of Mount Warning every day for a year. How great would it be to have a journal of photos of the mountain taken every day, throughout the seasons, to show how versatile and magnificent a view across land can be?

Sun setting over the mountain yesterday at 5:15 pm

The obvious place to add a photo of Mount Warning each day is here, on my blog. Today though, I begin a new semester of university study, online of course so I can study at home. I took a break from uni earlier this year to help my husband get his elderly parents settled into aged care, so now that’s sorted I can begin working on the final five units of my Bachelor of Arts. There have been times in the past during semester, particularly when assignments are due, I have become chained to my computer and I’m not looking forward to that situation again now I’m back at uni. The trouble is, I know it will happen. How can I commit to adding a photo a day, when some days I hardly have time for anything other than reading and assignments?

Mount Warning from Tumbulgum, a small village beside the Tweed River. Photo taken Wednesday last week.

I think I’ve worked out a solution. Even if all I do is take a photo of Mount Warning while I’m eating breakfast, it will only take five minutes to add it to my blog page. If I have time, I can add a few words to my post. If I’m too busy, I can just add a “wordless” or “silent” image. As it is, most days I hand write a few words in my journal while I eat, with each entry beginning with a description of the morning view across the valley, and specifically a description of Mount Warning. I’m sure I can manage to find a minute to take a photo each day as well.

Lets see how my plan goes. Hopefully by mid-July next year I will have a year long blog-journal-record of my ever changing view across the picturesque Tweed Valley and magnificent Mount Warning.


7 thoughts on “Musings Over a Mountain

  1. What a lovely way to start your day, jotting down a quick description of your morning view of the valley and mountain. I have an old journal kept by an ancestor back in the 1800s. Most days he just made note of the weather, and it’s surprisingly interesting all these years later. I’m looking forward to your daily pictures as the seasons change. And I wish you much success as you continue working for your degree!
    PS – Have you ever hiked up Mount Warning?

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    1. How wonderful to have the opportunity to read the thoughts of your ancestor, Barbara! The journal must give you an insight into his personality, something that mere dates and names never can.
      There is a road that ends a couple of kilometres from the top of Mount Warning, and I’ve been that far several times. There’s a track to walk the rest of the way too, but I’ve never been brave enough to climb to the top. I have been thinking though that I will drive up into the mountain some time and take photos of the rain forest area, which is absolutely magnificent. πŸ™‚


  2. What a wonderful idea, Joanne. It will be grounding to affirm your sense of place and with a view like that, I cannot imagine it ever to be dull!
    Good luck in the upcoming semester – almost there!

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    1. Thank you, Eliza. πŸ™‚
      As I write this, I have only posted photos for three days, and already I am seeing quite a large difference between the view each day!


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