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Morning and Night.


Today I photographed two glorious episodes of sky colour in the valley over Mount Warning.

I took the above photo at quarter to seven this morning. Only five minutes prior to taking this photo the sky had just a pretty, pale pink tint. Then the colour-show happened!


Just before nightfall tonight I noticed a cane fire starting in the valley. I went inside to get my camera, knowing that in the time it took me to go indoors, pick up my camera, and walk back outside again, the fire would be raging. And it was. Within another couple of minutes the fire had all but disappeared. That’s the nature of our cane fires, they gain momentum fast, and die down just as quickly.


Here is a broader view of the cane fire in the valley tonight.

After another beautiful sunny winter’s day, the setting sun lit up the sky again tonight, just as it had done this morning. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Morning and Night.

    1. At this time of year, yes! It’s cane harvesting season over winter and I love seeing the fires in our valley. It’s all a part of the magic of where we live. I’m about to add today’s photos, and I have a daytime cane fire photo to share. 🙂

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