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What a difference a day makes!

This morning at daybreak Mount Warning stood under cloud as far as the eye could see. It’s been a cold day today with no rain, however the cloud lingered for most of the day.

Yesterday morning at around the same time I took today’s photo – just after 6:30 am – the valley looked completely different.

This is yesterday –

The colours, the light on the mountain, the mist in the valley – if ever there was a contrasting photo of the same landmark, this is it.

I took several photos yesterday, all of which are self-explanatory.

I particularly like the next photo. The funnel of “mist” in the valley could be mistaken for a steam train driving along the valley floor. It is actually the steam emitted from the Condong Sugar Mill, where the harvested cane is taken for processing.



On days when there is a thick layer of mist in the valley, the atmosphere is different. I can’t explain it, but it feels “other-worldly”. It’s on days like these when I realise the power of Nature, and the significance of The Universe.

On the mornings when the mist rolls in and changes my world, I realise also how very small I am in the big scheme of things.

And I also realise how blessed I am. ❤

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