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Rain, rain, mist, and more mist.

It took a while, checking the valley at various times of the day, seeing only a sheet of white. Finally, just before nightfall, Mount Warning emerged from beneath her white blanket.

The rain bucketed down for most of the day and during the only break I noticed in the rain I went outside with my camera for a few minutes. It was then that I saw quite a few familiar bird faces around, so I assume they were taking advantage of the dry moment too.

There’s a family of Pied Butcher Birds nearby and I’ve often noticed they take refuge on my veranda on rainy days.

I call the Butcher Bird above Hoppy. They arrived at my house one day with a mangled foot and I feared they’d be attacked by the other birds as can happen when a bird is injured. I thought I’d never see them again, yet here they are, still visiting.

The bird above is another Pied Butcher Bird, but this one is less than a year old. He, or she, usually visits with Hoppy and I’ve noticed he-she also often stands on one foot even though both feet are just fine. I don’t know if Hoppy is a male or female, but I suspect this young one is “hers” which is why it mimics her stance.

The larger bird on my clothesline is a young Australian Magpie, and its little friend is another Australian native bird, a Noisy Miner. I’ve noticed that Magpies and Miners seem to hang out together a lot and even share food without squabbling. They must have some sort of a birdie-world agreement going on!

And the of course, there’s always a kookaburra or two in the garden. They usually have comical expressions on their faces, but I really had to laugh today at this pair with their inquisitive stares and wet, bedraggled feathers!

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Mist, rain, and no mountain today!

This was the only view of the valley this morning, just to the left of Mount Warning. There was only a mass of white cloud in the direction of the mountain, so nothing to see there! The rain that has been threatening to make an appearance for the last few days finally arrived today.

By later this afternoon a part of the valley had cleared, but still no mountain.

Some days are like this. Mount Warning has spent the day in the clouds and even though there’s no photo of the actual mountain, it’s a documented record of the effect the weather can sometimes have.

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Another dull day … and Bowie!

For the third day in a row the weather is dull. The sky, which is mostly white with an occasional grey cloud is showing no sign of allowing the sun to peek through – there’s not a single crack in the cloud cover where the sun’s rays could escape. Rain is predicted, but so far we haven’t had a drop.

Given that there’s not much to say about dull weather I decided it would be a good day to introduce the newest member of our family.

Introducing Bowie, a seven-year-old Rag-doll X Tortoiseshell.

My mother-in-law originally named him Beau when she got him as a tiny kitten, but last year both of my in-laws went into aged care. To cut a long story short, my father-in-law had a fall at home in early May, broke his hip, then spent some time in hospital. For many practical reasons he couldn’t return home so he was the first to go into aged care. Meanwhile, as my mother-in-law couldn’t cope with being alone, she also went into aged care, leaving Bowie “homeless”.

However, in our family, the concept of a pet being homeless simply doesn’t fly! Once they become a member of our family, that’s where they remain. So Bowie moved in with me and my husband.

Miss Tibbs was a tad concerned about the “intruder” for about two seconds, but in her usually way she took the changes in her stride and learned how to co-exist with another cat very quickly. Tibbs and Bowie are not besties yet, but they do occasionally play chasing games around the house! I guess there’s hope that they will become great friends yet – he’s only been here a few months.

Bowie – (as in David the singer – Beau is far to proper a name for this happy man!) is an extremely affectionate cat and loves nothing more than to sit somewhere soft and comfy. He’s not huge on sitting on our laps though. He’s loving the soft rugs I have sitting on the bed and the chairs now the weather has turned cold and nuzzles into them like they’re his best friend. He also has a habit of sitting on the back of my lounge chair at night and nuzzling into the back of my head!

I’m sure though that Bowie’s new best friend of all is my printer. He loves it!

As soon as he hears the sound of the printer, he’s up on my desk like a shot!

I’ve also discovered that I have to grab my printed pages fast – Bowie’s claws have gone through a couple!

Bowie really is the quintessential “curious cat”!

This gorgeous boy fits into our family as if he’s always lived here, and now we couldn’t imagine our home without him. ❤

Post Script – After such an incredibly dull day, the sky tonight looks pretty amazing!