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Alternative Beauty

My office is still out of action, therefore my desktop computer is still unplugged, unavailable, and collecting dust in a room where it doesn’t belong …

This morning I took photos of a beautiful soft pink sunrise sky above the mountain. Below, caught in crevices of the ranges and base of the mountain, drifts of mist gathered in deep blue folds. It was a beautiful sight to wake up to.

Sadly, the photo I took on my iPhone turned out to be a one-second video, which WordPress will not allow me to upload. I’m just not knowledgeable enough with iPhones to know if there is some way of rectifying the problem, so I will have to add today’s photo when my desktop computer is back in action.

Meanwhile, WordPress seems to like the photo I took of a beautiful rainbow lorikeet! So that is my alternate photo for today.

Husband will be home for the weekend, so by tomorrow afternoon I hope we will have my office sorted. There’s a few maintenance chores husband wants to get to in the room while it’s empty, so hopefully they won’t take too long to do.

Australia · clouds · in my garden · Mount Warning · summer · Tweed Valley

Between Showers of Rain

The rain barely let up again today. Early this afternoon, however, there was a short break between showers, so I took the opportunity to dash outside with my camera.

The weeds are growing … like weeds!! They’re growing everywhere, in the garden beds, between the pebbles on the stairs, amid the grass … I had to pause to pull out a few. In doing that though, I disturbed a very extensive mosquito population, undoubtedly multiplying in small hollows where rain is captured in the garden rocks, so my weeding didn’t last too long.

From my front door, I have had my eye on my magnolia tree this week. It’s a fairly new tree, and I could see an open flower which needed closer inspection. The flower has taken a battering from the wind and rain, yet the petals are serving as dainty cups to catch the fallen carpels.

More rain is predicted. but I see a prediction for a sunny day on Monday! 🙂

Australia · clouds · garden flowers · in my garden · kitchen renovation · Mount Warning · native Australian birds · rain · reading · summer · Tweed Valley

There’s been brighter days …

The rain continued today, in fact, I awoke to the sound of heavy rain which hardly let up all day. Husband tells me that according to his trusty rain guage we had two inches of rain overnight.

Given we have had another dismal day, therefore I don’t have a beautiful Mount Warning photo, I have looked through more unpublished photos taken in my garden.

Noisy miner

The birds continue to visit every day, come rain hail or shine. I haven’t been keeping to my usual routine time-wise when feeding them breakfast recently though, as many mornings are completely filled with being on standby for tradesmen who are renovating my kitchen. The birds are extremely patient creatures though, and wait on the veranda for me.


I had the electrician here all day today, and he switched the power to the house off (obviously) to install my new range cooker, a single wall oven, the microwave, and various power points and lights. I couldn’t go outside into the garden because of the rain, and everything I thought of doing required power … typical.


After I had read through my three new appliance manuals, I decided to read some more of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I’m a late arrival to the Harry Potter series, and I have decided that if I had attempted to read the books when they were released, I would not have fully appreciated them. Reading the books now, however, I find them difficult to put down.

Lilly pilly

For a break from reading, I went onto Facebook occasionally to chat with my daughters on messenger. A quick scroll through Facebook, however, revealed quite an unusual situation, which has  been thoroughly discussed on Facebook throughout the day. Tonight on television, the discussion continues, regarding Facebook’s decision to remove the content of several Australian pages from the website. Many Australians are considering, and have implimented today, alternative options to Facebook.

Again, I am considering the question – do I really want to remain on Facebook?

Australia · clouds · garden flowers · in my garden · Mount Warning · rain · summer · Tweed Valley

Colour on a Rainy Day

Lavender Lights

There was nothing to see in the valley today other than mist and rain, so luckily I have a few photos taken around my garden when the sun shone brightly in the blue sky. With the amount of rain we have had lately, fine days are fast becoming a distant memory.

White Buddleia

On the plus side, the rain is chasing away the heat, so it isn’t all bad news. I can’t remember a February – ever – filled with day after day of cooler temperatures.


With our kitchen renovation in full swing, husband and I have been surviving on pre-prepared freezer meals or take-away meals. Another day of cooler temperatures today inspired me to try something unseasonal – I cooked a meal in the slow cooker. It must be the first time I have served a casserole-style meal in summer, but it was soooooo good!

Type of hydrangea. I’m not sure of the name.

We both went back for second helpings, and there’s leftovers for tomorrow too. 🙂

Rain, rain, rain …

The last photo is to document today’s weather. Nothing to see here! Rain persisted all day, with the temperature reaching around twenty-five degrees Celsius. I can imagine how happy the weeds are, but when we have a break in the rain I will have a quick whip around the garden to remove any wayward weeds. Thankfully, the plants are all getting a good soaking too. 🙂