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Across the Valley

There was mist in the valley again this morning. Now the weather is warming up I will probably see fewer misty mornings, so I can’t resist taking photos of the effects of cooler weather while they last.

We had an arborist here today, cutting back some trees and trimming the high branches off others. The area he worked on is right down the back of our property along the back boundary. So later this afternoon, after he left, my camera and I took a walk down there to see what we could see now.

Besides a magnificent, uninterrupted view across the valley, there was a sugar cane fire way off in the distance, which I hadn’t noticed from the house. Just slightly to the left of the lower centre of the photo above there are previously burned blackened cane fields, which will turn green again in no time at all. To the right of the black fields are plenty of green cane fields still awaiting harvest.

By the time I arrived back at the house the sun was setting. The sky had just a hint of orange and looked very pretty.

So today is officially the last day of winter in Australia. The temperature reached 26 degrees Celsius, so it was definitely not a cool day! We could still have a few cooler days, but from now on the warmer days will become more frequent than cooler days. It’s a beautiful time of year now, but I’m really not looking forward to the humidity of summer at all! I complain about the heat every year though, and each year I try to find things to enjoy during the summer months. This year will be no exception.

Oh, and I had one of my regular visitors drop by around sunset as well. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Across the Valley

  1. It always amazes me to think of you on the opposite side of the world – your day ending when mine is starting, and your spring beginning while autumn is arriving here. Yesterday our temperature was about the same as yours. I love the sweeping view of the valley from down below there, so peaceful and serene. And it’s always nice to see Larry posing for you! πŸ™‚

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    1. The opposite conditions and seasons between the northern and southern hemispheres always amazes me too, Barbara. Even though our weather is similar just now, I always appreciate seeing snow photos when I’m sweltering in the heat, just as I’m sure seeing summer photos reassures you that the sun is shining somewhere in the world during your long, snowy winters! πŸ™‚


    1. The blue side feathers kookaburras have reveal their gender – males have a larger and more vivid area of blue, while the females have less blue feathers and they are less vivid in colour. This kookaburra is Larry, so a male. I often need to see a male and female together though to see the difference!

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