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A Visit from Larry.

I must confess to having an addiction ~ I simply can’t resist taking photos of kookaburras. My addiction began many years ago when I met my first tame kookaburra, who I named Larry.

When I saw this beautiful boy atop my clothesline this morning I first took a photo from afar. Until I approach a kookaburra, I am never sure whether they are tame or shy. Kookaburras with both characteristics visit my garden these days.

Recently, I have noticed several kookaburras have become more trusting, and allow me to hand feed them. This has created something of a dilemma for me, as once upon a time I had just my one tame bird, Larry. I recognised this bird just after I approached him and spoke to him though ~ it was faithful old Larry. While the other tame birds view me with caution, Larry is cool. Nothing phases Larry. Nothing phased this bird.

When I wanted to walk past the clothesline to take a photo of Mount Warning, I politely told him not to be afraid, I just wanted to take a photo. He calmly looked at me without even so much as flinching. That confirmed it was Larry.

When we heard the distance chorus of kookaburra laughter, Larry became alert. He stopped and listened, and I felt sure he would fly away to investigate the commotion. Instead, he shook himself, and fluffed up his feathers.

Larry looked this way and that, listening, completely ignoring me clicking away with my camera directly beneath where he sat.

With his feathers fluffed up, Larry shook out a wing, as if to fly away, but instead he stayed. His stance shows the expanse of his wing, and the brown and beige stripes running the length of his tail. They are magnificent birds.

I could not believe the change in his feathers! I have seen kookaburras fluffed up against the cold before, but this was the first time I have seen it closely, and in warm weather. Their individual feathers are surprisingly fine and delicate for such a robust bird.

Larry had been the perfect model for me, so definitely deserved a reward. 🙂

When he saw the food, Larry flew down to the fence to eat. He may have had to share his reward with a fly – it’s there if you look closely – then with a full belly and flattened feathers, off he flew to parts unknown. ❤

12 thoughts on “A Visit from Larry.

  1. I love these pictures of Larry — it was especially interesting to see those delicate-looking feathers on his chest. I understand your addiction completely. 🙂 I have the same problem with gulls! Larry is lucky to have those little meatballs for breakfast. 🙂

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    1. I knew you would enjoy seeing close up photos of Larry, Barbara. Do you ever think, while writing a post, “[name] will enjoy this”? I know I do. And I love seeing your seagulls too. May our addictions happily continue. 🙂


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