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Goodbye, 2020.

Words seem to escape me tonight. What does one say as the year 2020 draws to a close?

I could state the obvious, that this year has been an extremely difficult year for many people, but we all know that. It’s hardly a profound statement.

It has definitely been a year of change – we all know that as well.

So I will tell you all some new news, about my day filled with magical moments. 🙂

It rained overnight, washing away the dusty air in the valley. I awoke to a crystal clear – picture perfect, I would say – scene of Mount Warning.

As always, when Forrest and Brontë enjoyed some time in the sun, it was my Labrador, Brontë, who kept watch.

Raindrops from our overnight shower clung to my potted Petunias. I love these colours so much! Pink and purple flowers in my garden make my heart sing!

Inside the house, Bowie boy posed beautifully for the camera. ❤

And when my little granddaughter came to visit, she was very excited to finally try a piece of the Christmas cake she has been eyeing off every time she has visited since Christmas Day.

While I had my camera out, Aurora told her Mummy and Daddy to say “cheese,” then she took her own photo. Don’t you just love the imagination of children? And Aurora’s curls? ❤

Miss Tibbs prefers to hide when visitors arrive. I found her after my visitors had left, in her usual place on my sewing table.

Around sunset, a sudden noise alerted me to a change in the weather. It had remained sunny most of the day – the sun was still shining – but a sudden gush of rain fell from a huge unexpected cloud that had rolled in from the coast.

We had the most spectacular sunshower. I took a few photos from my veranda, as the rain really was quite heavy, and had whipped up a windy squall from the south.

So the day that began crystal-clear-perfect ended with a brilliant sunshower. Two incredibly stunning, yet totally different views of Mount Warning. What a way to end the year!

I feel a tad sorry for the year 2020. It has taken a bad rap, particularly since March. But was it the fault of the year that so many things went awry? I don’t believe it was. Every year, we experience the good and the bad situations that life offers, and we can’t claim 2020 to be all “bad” can we?

For me, 2020 was the year my grandson, Eli, was born. It is also the year I learned that I have two more grandsons on the way. The units I completed at university were two of my most enjoyable units so far, and I was graded with a high distinction for both units. I have had the opportunity to spend more time at home, therefore more time in my garden. Since July, I have blogged every day and made more friends in the blogging community.

No, 2020 wasn’t all bad, not for me at least.

As we welcome in the New Year of 2021, we are presented with a brand new opportunity to begin again, with a clean slate. No mistakes, no problems, just a choice of how we will react to the good moments, and the bad, that 2021 presents us with. ❤

17 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2020.

    1. Happy New Year to you and your family, Frank! There’s just an hour-and-a-half left of 2020 here. I’m so happy we reconnected through your new blog – which I love! – and on Facebook. 😊

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  1. I agree that we must focus on the positives of the year and leave the negatives where they lay. No need to rehash those!
    Beautiful pets and family, a lovely home and garden, much to be thankful for. Wishing you a fantastic new year, Joanne!

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  2. You are probably already into 2021. It is my fervent hope that this new year brings with it some good stuff – less division, more nonpartisanship would be a good start. Your Bronte reminds me so much of my Shasta in her younger days – as she’s aged she’s gone from that pure white to the standard yellow-tan down her back. She’s still my baby though. Wishing for you a wonderful New Year!

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    1. They always remain our babies, don’t they? Your Shasta is a very beautiful girl and I always enjoy seeing photos of her on your blog, Carol.
      Happy New Year to you and your family – both people and fur babies! ❤

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  3. Happy New Year, Joanne! I think it was a wonderful year in many ways. Just as you’ve described with your many beautiful happenings. But there have been challenging times as well for many people. I always like looking at pictures of your grandkids. So sweet!

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    1. Happy New Year Kathy! ❤
      Here's hoping for fewer challenging times this year. I'm pleased to hear you enjoy seeing my grand-ones, because I predict that in February and May I will be showing off my two new grandsons as well. ❤


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