6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ Chilly Sunset

    1. It was 20C today but very chilly. I think today’s photo of the mountain gives the impression of cold weather too, with those icy blue colours. We have had a couple of nights recently that have dropped down to about 5C, but during winter the maximum is usually around 15-18C. Our coldest month is July. It’s the best weather now for gardening! 😊

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      1. It is only about 22 here today, so similar to your ‘winter’s day’! Our maximum in winter is usually about 8-10°C, and minimum varies but last winter it was -16°C I think. We have had it down to -23°C some years!


        1. I don’t think even on the snowfield of Australia is gets that cold! We’ve had some decent snow falls this year though and the skiing season began a week earlier than planned. 😊

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