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Washed Clean

After heavy overnight rain, I hadn’t expected Mount Warning to look so clear this morning. When the view is as crystal-clear as it was today, it seems to have been washed clean by the rain.

Misty swirls lingered throughout the morning, very noticeable against the rich blue/grey/green colour of the ranges.

Also washed clean were the birds! This is a female magpie lark, or pee wee.

And this is one of two baby butcher birds I have visiting this year.

I particularly like this photo of Hoppy, sitting on my undercover clothes line – his preferred perch when he visits – with the morning sun glistening on raindrops caught in the purple tibouchina tree in the background. ❤

Australia · Mount Warning · native Australian birds · spring · Tweed Valley

Spring-like weather returns

Today the weather, and the appearance of the valley, is completely different to yesterday.

This morning started out fine and sunny, with the ranges and mountain looking crystal clear, as if washed clean by yesterday’s sudden heavy shower of rain. I would have taken photos early, after the sun had risen and cleared the night-haze from the valley if I had time, but I had plans to meet my daughter at the shops. We had to have an early start as she needed to take baby Eli home by midday in time for his nap.

By the time I arrived home, the haze had set in again, although we didn’t reach the same high temperatures as yesterday. Later, I watched out for another beautiful sunset, but unfortunately Mother Nature must have been resting tonight. So today’s view over the valley is more subdued than yesterday.

The baby magpie visited again this morning with his/her parents for breakfast. It’s such a skinny, long-legged bird, and the sweetest little thing. ❤

A kookaburra made itself comfortable on the fence this morning and stayed there for quite a while. It seemed to have its feathers fluffed up, and looked so content that after a while I took some meat out to it, even though I had already fed the usual crowd. Usually when a kookaburra is looking for food, they wait in the palm trees and not on the fence so close to the house as this one was. It flew away as soon as I went outside, which was out of character as well. I know that kookaburras are territorial, so I wondered if perhaps this is a bird from another territory. If only birds could talk, it perhaps could have told me!


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A Surprisingly Beautiful Sunset

It was another dreary weather day today. Every time I looked out at the valley it looked like the whole area was veiled behind a white, transparent curtain. It was a humid day too, feeling for all the world like the middle of summer. I think the forecast temperature was 32 degrees Celsius, but I didn’t check the temperature during the day in case I passed out from shock!

At around 5pm, I went outside and took a photo of the valley, which in all honesty was not the greatest of views I have ever shared. The thick haze hid the mountain, making it barely visible. As soon as I walked back indoors, even though the sun was shining brightly, a massive shower of rain appeared out of nowhere! Well, I suppose there must have been a rain cloud somewhere, but it wasn’t one that I noticed.

An hour later, when I looked outside again, the rain had cleared away enough haze for the mountain to appear amid a beautiful orange sunset sky. Looking further west, the sky looked even more brilliant.

I never know what to expect to see from one minute to the next in the valley, let alone one day to the next. ❤