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A Surprisingly Beautiful Sunset

It was another dreary weather day today. Every time I looked out at the valley it looked like the whole area was veiled behind a white, transparent curtain. It was a humid day too, feeling for all the world like the middle of summer. I think the forecast temperature was 32 degrees Celsius, but I didn’t check the temperature during the day in case I passed out from shock!

At around 5pm, I went outside and took a photo of the valley, which in all honesty was not the greatest of views I have ever shared. The thick haze hid the mountain, making it barely visible. As soon as I walked back indoors, even though the sun was shining brightly, a massive shower of rain appeared out of nowhere! Well, I suppose there must have been a rain cloud somewhere, but it wasn’t one that I noticed.

An hour later, when I looked outside again, the rain had cleared away enough haze for the mountain to appear amid a beautiful orange sunset sky. Looking further west, the sky looked even more brilliant.

I never know what to expect to see from one minute to the next in the valley, let alone one day to the next. ❤

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