Australia · autumn · clouds · Mount Warning · sunrise · Tweed Valley

The Pinnacle

All I could think of when I saw Mount Warning this morning is that the cloud formation around the top accentuated the pinnacle of the mountain.

This photo was taken at quarter-to-seven this morning. The days are getting shorter and the constant rain has darkened every day this week. It’s very unusual to have the lights on in the house most of the day, even during winter – and we’re not there yet!

Australia · autumn · clouds · Mount Warning · native Australian birds · Tweed Valley

A Break in the Clouds

My house and garden spent most of the morning in the clouds, with a slight easing of the thick mist by the afternoon. Later this afternoon, the clouds and mist broke, revealing a stunning deep blue mountain scene, surrounded by tufts of clouds both above and below.

I had a sweet baby butcher bird hiding from the dismal day on my back veranda for a while too. Unfortunately, with the light of the day so dark, little butch blends in a bit. Luckily his white feathers allow him to stand out slightly against the dark background. 🙂

Australia · birds · clouds · colours · Mount Warning · native Australian birds · rain · subtropical weather · summer · Tweed Valley

Well, I did wish for rain …

They do say “be careful what you wish for,” don’t they? Whoever “they” are, they could be onto something. After quite a lengthy dry spell, and a couple of days of drizzle, tonight we have torrential rain.

I can hear the TV cutting in and out in another room, as the heavy rainfall messes with transmission. I think I’d better type fast, just in case we lose power.

The rain didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of the usual morning breakfast crew, who all arrived bright and early asking for a morsel of food. The kookaburras looked like they were all having a bad-hair day, while the others, baby Magpie, the Pee Wee, and my little Butcher Bird, Hoppy, with the gammy leg, all appeared wet, but quite composed.

The valley looked quite magnificent this morning, with crisp green fields, and patches of white cloud dotted across the brilliant blueness of Mount Warning. It looked so gorgeous that I thought I’d take a walk down to the back boundary to get a photo of the uninterrupted view.

I even got as far as pulling on my gum boots and going outside. A sprinkle of rain won’t hurt me, I thought. I had only walked a few steps past the edge of the veranda though when a heavy downpour sent me scurrying back to shelter. And would you believe the maximum temperature today reached 20°C? I spent the day wearing jeans and a jumper ~ in December!

The white on blue looked so good today, I just had to zoom in on the mountain, even though I had to take the photo standing close to the house.

Maybe tomorrow the rain will ease up a touch, even if its just long enough to take a broad view photo of the valley for Silent Sunday. 🙂