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It’s all about the clouds.

The day began so incredibly dull that I thought we were in for more rain.

After the magnificent colour show yesterday morning, this morning Mount Warning looked bleak and one-dimensional. The valley still looked pristine and clear after being washed by the weekend rain, as did the mountain and ranges, but there was nothing outstanding to take a photo of.

Dare I say, after the brilliant colours of yesterday, the mountain appeared … well … boring?

By sunset though, the mountain did not disappoint any longer. The clouds absorbed the colours of the sun and put on a beautiful show in the sky.

To be completely honest, I was not at all disappointed by the mountain. To me, it is always beautiful and magical. I love the way the mountain dominates both my garden and the whole of the Tweed Valley. But now I’m committed to sharing a photo of my beloved mountain each day I want to show her at her spectacular best.

Perhaps I’m setting my standards a tad too high!

I had a flock of figbirds visiting today. The bunch of palm seeds they are feeding on are at the top of one of our palm trees, so the photo is taken on full zoom.  Unfortunately the birds aren’t as clear as they would be if they were closer, but I still love to see them munching on the red berries. The bird on the far right of the photo with his nose down is a male figbird and the two other birds with the mottled feathers are females.

One bird I can always rely on to come close enough for a clear photo is a kookaburra. They seem to have a knack of posing in just the right place for me to take a photo with a lovely background.

I’ve trained then well. 😉

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The Year I Didn’t Blog

I knew I hadn’t added a new post for quite a while, but nearly a whole year?

With nothing prepared, I thought I’d show you some new additions to the garden – two baby kookaburras who are filled with a contrasting mixture of adventure and hesitation as they explore their new surroundings.

When you’ve been feeding and taking photos of birds as long as I have, it’s easy enough to read their expressions. A head tilted in curiosity is easy body-language for anyone to understand though.

Now he’s wondering if he should be concerned by my clicking camera!

Here are the two babies together, looking as cute as can be with their pigeon toed feet and perfect, fluffy feathers.

This photo clearly shows the detail in their darker, back feathers. I think they’re gorgeous!

As you can see from the water clinging to the glass fence – also a new addition to the garden since I last added a post here – we’ve had some summer rain, which has cooled the earth down beautifully. We’ve even felt a few cool breezes in the morning air lately – a sign of an early winter approaching? I do hope so! Our summer heat is so intense, so by February I’m always begging winter to arrive early.

Here’s one advantage to summer – we don’t see skies quite as brilliant as this during the winter. Look at those cloud colours and formations – magical!

During 2017, my main focus was on family, home and university study, leaving little, if any, time for anything else (my lack of blogging is proof of that!) I never had a moment to feel bored throughout “the year I didn’t blog” and while I will talk about some of the events that took place during my absence, there are some things too private to talk about and best left where they belong – in the past.

Wherever my blogging friends are around the world, I wish you all the very best of everything your heart desires during 2018!