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The Year I Didn’t Blog

I knew I hadn’t added a new post for quite a while, but nearly a whole year?

With nothing prepared, I thought I’d show you some new additions to the garden – two baby kookaburras who are filled with a contrasting mixture of adventure and hesitation as they explore their new surroundings.

When you’ve been feeding and taking photos of birds as long as I have, it’s easy enough to read their expressions. A head tilted in curiosity is easy body-language for anyone to understand though.

Now he’s wondering if he should be concerned by my clicking camera!

Here are the two babies together, looking as cute as can be with their pigeon toed feet and perfect, fluffy feathers.

This photo clearly shows the detail in their darker, back feathers. I think they’re gorgeous!

As you can see from the water clinging to the glass fence – also a new addition to the garden since I last added a post here – we’ve had some summer rain, which has cooled the earth down beautifully. We’ve even felt a few cool breezes in the morning air lately – a sign of an early winter approaching? I do hope so! Our summer heat is so intense, so by February I’m always begging winter to arrive early.

Here’s one advantage to summer – we don’t see skies quite as brilliant as this during the winter. Look at those cloud colours and formations – magical!

During 2017, my main focus was on family, home and university study, leaving little, if any, time for anything else (my lack of blogging is proof of that!) I never had a moment to feel bored throughout “the year I didn’t blog” and while I will talk about some of the events that took place during my absence, there are some things too private to talk about and best left where they belong – in the past.

Wherever my blogging friends are around the world, I wish you all the very best of everything your heart desires during 2018!



12 thoughts on “The Year I Didn’t Blog

  1. Hi Joanne!!!! … Welcome back. 🙂 … Cheers to your being a birder. Nothing in my area resembles what you’ve shown. A big WOW to that awesome sky! Hope you are doing well … a post idea – catch readers up with an abstract of your absence.

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    1. Hi Frank! It’s great to be back, but I can’t promise consistent posts once university starts back again. The plan is always for a balanced life, then an assignment is due and all of my good intentions go out the window! I think I’ll take your advice and just add a basic rundown of what I’ve been up to.
      Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

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  2. It’s good to hear from you again! I think we knew you were busy – going back to school as an adult is, I think courageous and demanding. You deserve a break and congratulations for that.

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    1. Hi Carol. 🙂 Yes, my Facebook friends – you being one of them – know I haven’t vanished off the face of the earth completely! I’ve missed blogging though and I must have thought about adding posts here so often that I thought I had, so it came as a massive surprise to see I hadn’t added anything for nearly a year.
      I don’t feel at all courageous when I’m studying, quite the opposite at times! I can definitely confirm that university study is demanding though.

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  3. Joanne, so nice to see a post from you! I hope you are well and had a good year of study. I’m impressed with anyone who goes back to school. 🙂
    The kookaburra fledglings are just the dearest – thanks for sharing!

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    1. Hi Eliza! I have had a great year of study but I’ve definitely been missing writing for fun, also missing my garden, patchwork quilting…the list is endless!
      It’s been a while since we had young kookaburras visiting so I knew I had to show you all how cute they are. 🙂

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