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Something to Sing About.

When the day began – again – with rain and mist, I expected another day of nothing interesting to take a photo of. It’s a wonder the poor kookaburra could even find its way to my garden this morning through the thick mist that hung about in the valley until around 9am.

Mr. Pee Wee, seen this morning singing a happy song while tightrope walking along the slippery glass balustrade.

By midday though, the valley had cleared and the sun was shining. I rushed outside to take a photo while I had the opportunity to get a beautiful clear photo of the mountain.

By mid-afternoon, the change in weather seemed to have infected the birds with happiness! Mr. and Mrs. Pee Wee splashed around the birdbath in my front garden, although I couldn’t get close enough to quietly take a photo of them. Meanwhile, a baby Butcher Bird chortled away in the Tibouchina tree just outside my front door.

Even when I snuck outside the door to say hello, the sweet little thing didn’t miss a note. This little beauty is welcome to sing outside my front door any time he likes. 🙂

Just when I thought the day couldn’t look any more beautiful, the sky put on a pretty burnt yellow sunset show, nothing eye-popping, just a subtle show of laid-back beauty. 🙂


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Patchy Blue Sky Amid Patchy Rain

Between the unexpected rain showers we are having each day, occasionally we will see patches of blue sky. I will have to get used to this strange weather we are having. It is apparently due to the current La Niña weather pattern, which is far too complex for my un-scientific brain to understand, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Today, once again, I hardly saw Mount Warning. There were some interesting cloud pattern and colours though, and even a few patches of blue sky, so I took a few photos while the mountain wasn’t completely hidden.

Twenty minutes later, this was the resulting change the sunset made …

Who would think that during just twenty minutes, there would be so much difference to the sky? 😮