The CWA & The LOA (AKA…Country Women’s Association & Law of Attraction!)

Last week, whilst reading my favorite magazine, a letter to the editor caught my eye. The author of the letter told her story of having purchased, in 1984, from an antique store in England, a copy of a Coronation CWA (Country Women’s Association) Cookery Book, for the (pricey) sum of one pound!

On reading her letter I made a mental note to keep an eye open for a copy of a CWA cookery book myself, preferably old, but any year would do. When time permits I enjoy browsing through second hand book stores and hoped that I may find such a gem on my next visit.

In the meantime, I asked my mother-in-law if she had a copy of my husband’s grandmother’s recipe book, compiled by one of the grandchildren after grandma’s passing. I knew that grandma’s famous Green Mango Chutney recipe was in this book and my husband has raved over this chutney for years!

My mother-in-law was happy to lend me the book, then went on to tell me that she had another cook book that I may be interested in….The Coronation Cookery Book Compiled by the Country Women’s Association of N.S.W.”! She had purchased the cookery book herself, when still a young teenager and on a visit to her older sister at Wagga Waggacwa-cookbook1, in southern N.S.W. She would lend that to me also, if I was interested!

Her little gem, slightly worn, with a few loose pages and yellowing with age, although still in surprisingly good condition, is the 6th edition of the book, printed in 1951, with 30,000 copies issued.

Now, if I could JUST work out how to use the Law of Attraction to bring everything else into my life that I want there…..

I’m working on it!!! 🙂