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Dramatic Clouds

This is something of an experimental post. I’m adding this content from my iPhone, with a photo taken on my iPhone. The mountain, yet again, is in hiding.

Yesterday morning I had a call from our floor covering people. The flooring I ordered before Christmas for my office had arrived. They’d had a cancellation on another instal planned for the day. Could they do my job, they asked?

Of course, said I, not realising they would arrive in fifteen minutes!

In a mad scramble, I removed as many books, sewing paraphernalia, office bits and bobs and furniture as I could. When the boys arrived to instal my new flooring, they helped me move the remaining contents of that room into the next room.

Currently, my dismantled computer awaits my attention in the other room. The room where my computer resides barely has floor space to walk on. What with boxes containing some of the contents of my kitchen already stored in that room, now the office contents have joined them. It’s bedlam.

How do people cope with moving house frequently? All I’m doing is renovating and I feel dreadfully disorganised. It’s so tiring!

But … the end of the kitchen renovation is in sight. By this time next week I will have benches, tiles and a sink with running water. I won’t know myself!

Meanwhile, I will plod through my disarrayed room, sort through the mess, and restore my desktop computer as soon as I can. 😊

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Making time for writing.

Making time to enjoy the important aspects of life. Meet my new little girl, Brontë, a seven month old Labrador.
Making time to enjoy the important aspects of life. Meet my new little girl, Brontë, a seven-month-old Labrador.

For those of you who haven’t heard what I’ve been up to this year, there is a logical explanation as to why I haven’t added any new posts to In My World for nearly three months.

Late last year I began an online course through the University of Tasmania, a Diploma of Family History, which whetted my appetite for writing to such an extent that I searched university websites for something – anything – where I could formally learn more about the art of writing.

As it turns out, a local university offers an online Associate Degree in Creative Writing, just what I wanted, but there was a catch – I had to have completed high school before they would allow me to enrol, which I hadn’t done. But an alternative to returning to high school was offered, a short course which, if I passed, would guarantee my enrollment in the associate degree.

I couldn’t sign up quick enough! And after having successfully completed the preliminary course by June, with three distinctions and one high distinction, I am now tackling my third unit in the associate degree.

An assignment is due tomorrow, which needs my immediate attention, but isn’t it ridiculous not to have a regular writing routine when studying writing? I don’t know how successful I will be in finding time to add more regular posts to my blog, and I can’t make promises to regularly visit my friends’ blogs either, but I can try.

Only time will tell if I can succeed in arranging my time management skills to this extent. Hopefully, I can.



Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Window

A window through a window.
A window through a window.

Whilst choosing photos for my Byron Bay Lighthouse post yesterday I had difficulty in deciding which photos to add. This lighthouse is very photogenic indeed! When I read in my emails this morning that the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is “window”, it opened a window of opportunity for me to add a few more photos taken in and around the lighthouse. 😉

Three windows and a door.
Three windows and a door.

I like windows, and taking photos of windows, I also like to take photos through windows, so this challenge appealed to me. Actually, it’s really no challenge at all. Even if I hadn’t taken so many window photos in and around the lighthouse, I would have had no difficulty whatsoever in finding other window photos. 🙂

A view from the lighthouse keepers house.
A view from the lighthouse keepers house.

“I discovered windows one afternoon and after that, nothing was ever the same.” ~ Anne Spollen.

Portal to the Ocean.
Portal to the Ocean.

“The window of opportunity opens and closes as fast as a camera’s shutter.” ~ Warren Criswell.

A deep window sill, used as a display shelf in the downstairs room in the lighthouse.
A deep window sill, doubling as a display shelf in the downstairs room in the lighthouse.

Weekend Hiatus

I’m thinking today that it seems like a great time to have a weekend hiatus ~ from the computer!

I’ve had such a productive day today, both at home and out and about. It seems a shame to stop my body from moving, to sit at the computer.

So, today is a short, but hopefully sweet post and tomorrow will be the same.

But just for the weekend. Just while the motion of my body has picked up some momentum, regardless of the heat!

I’m off to vacuum out my car now. Yes, it’s all repaired and registered, with a brand new windscreen label, proclaiming it to be driveable for the next twelve months! For being such a brave little car, whilst at the repair shop, it deserves a treat. 🙂