With Purpose In Our Lives

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being”~Carl Gustav Jung.

Today, being Sunday, I am allowing myself the indulgence of not abiding by any schedule. The main purpose to this day is to just relax.

During the month of May, there was much debate on the topic of “Purpose”, as it was the theme of the month on The Calm Space.

I wrote a guest post myself, entitled “Monte Carlo…Or Me?” in which I recalled one particular night, many years ago, when I realised, without a shadow of a doubt, my ultimate purpose for being on this earth.

Being my ultimate realisation, it seemed appropriate to make that my choice for my article, but realising at the same time the importance purpose plays in all of our lives, every single day.

I was surprised, but also enlightened to the fact that some people are concerned, almost afraid, at the idea of having to find purpose in their lives, as if it is a form of obligation. If the trumpets don’t sound at the moment of their revelation, they feel that they have somehow failed in an aspect of their lives!

The pressure of finding their ultimate purpose seemed all too much to bear for some, almost as if the word purpose is over-rated.

Perhaps being an avid reader of Abraham-Hicks books prevented me from feeling intimidated by purpose. As they point out, “You want to know your purpose. You want to feel worthy. You want to feel good about others. And when you feel anything less than any of those things, you’re not being who-you-are”.

And to me, that says it all, in a nut-shell!

As the quote from Carl Gustov Jung points out, we must kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. And if we are feeling worthy and feeling good, we will have purpose. We are being who-we-are. Our light will be kindled.

Purpose is something that I live every day of my life, beginning with the most simplistic of actions; I feed myself food each day, with the purpose of staying healthy. And I choose to eat the food I enjoy. And on it goes.

By allowing your emotions to guide you, everyone has the opportunity to live purpose-filled days, every day of their lives…no fuss, no fanfare, no sounding of trumpets!

I will let Abraham-Hicks have the final say on the subject of purpose ~

“The purpose of life is joy”.

Need I say more? 🙂