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A Pleasurable Chore

What is the big attraction for cats, to ironing boards?

Currently I reside in a home belonging to two fury felines. (I’ve been told to stick with two as a maximum, as three would classify me as a “crazy cat lady”.)

That’s right, my little ladies are typical princesses, they allow our family to share their home, and conditions apply; a regular stream of dry kitty biscuits, nightly feeds of pongy fish, always fresh water available, a clean litter tray, first choice of comfy seat to curl up on and the freedom to choose whichever bed they wish to sleep on each night.

When they are in the mood, we are allowed to scratch them under their chin, or stroke their fur, for an unspecified period of time. If the scratching and/or stroking of fur exceeds their expectations, permission is to be granted for them to bite our hand.

Oh yes, cats are very demanding creatures. And if you have ever enjoyed the privilege of being owned by one, you will have experienced the pure delight of hearing that rumbling sound of happiness when they are purring and the out-pouring of love they show when they rub the whole of their bodies up against your legs.

On the days I wish to do my ironing, if one of them chooses the ironing board as a bed that day, I am expected to iron my clothes around their positioning on the board. On days when they feel generous enough, they will actually choose to sleep under the ironing board. But only if I’m lucky.

Such is my love for my feline friends that without them, my house would not be a home. Unfortunately for me, that love does not extend as far as the ironing!

As far as household chores go, vacuuming and dusting are enjoyable enough, with the end result of sparkling furniture and lint-free floors in mind. Bathroom and toilet cleaning can be tolerable as well, and washing the clothes gives me an excuse (not that I need one) to go out into the garden for a while.

And then, there’s the ironing. I’ve struggled for years to find an excuse to enjoy ironing. It has been suggested that I don’t do any ironing, but crumpled clothes? Yuk! There simply had to be an answer, some way for me to enjoy the one household chore that, well, just doesn’t appeal to me.

The solution is simple, really. These days, I listen to music! If only my brainstorm have arrived years earlier…these days I bop away to my heart’s content, iron in hand.

This afternoon, my aim is to clear away the ironing, making a clear space on the chair for anyone, or any cat, who wishes to sit there. (Actually, the cats don’t mind the ironing pile; they sleep comfortably buried in it, for hours!)

The moral to this story is, (yes, there’s a moral here; do you think I’d babble away about the detested ironing for no reason?) ~ look for something enjoyable in everything you do. Just set your mind to it and search for the answer. You’ll find one…I did. 🙂