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My Ultimate List of 27 Happiness Finders!

How do you define happiness? Ever given it much thought? Perhaps it’s simply a matter of flippantly commenting that you are either happy, or unhappy, without giving the feeling any further thought at all.

The theme this month at the Calm Space is “happiness” and I have been giving the feeling of happiness some further investigation myself. My conclusion is ~ happiness is a state of mind, and an extremely personal state at that.

It is impossible for another person to make you feel happy. You may feel happy when spending time with someone special to you, perhaps a person you love. Thoughtful actions from a person can give a feeling of happiness as well. Remember though, they didn’t make you feel that way, you made the decision to feel happy yourself; it was your own choice.

Yes, happiness is very personal.

Happiness arrives in my own life in a multitude of different ways. Today, I will share with you my ultimate list, (in no particular order), of things that make me happy, swell my heart, make my spirit soar and bring a smile to my face. 🙂

Happiness is…

  • Stroking my cat’s silky fur and listening to them purr.
  • Listening to my son play the piano.
  • Eating chocolate and drinking coffee, together.
  • Watching a bee collect pollen from a flower in my garden.
  • Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, on a cool winter’s day.
  • The cooling summer’s rain, hitting my hot, sticky skin.
  • Listening to the chiming of my clock.
  • My dog, leaping after the ball, when we play fetch.
  • Walking along the beach, on a winter’s day.
  • Writing a letter and posting it, the old-fashioned way.
  • Hearing the happiness in my daughter’s voice, when she talks to her friends.
  • A hawk, gliding high above the ground, in search of its prey.
  • The sky full of twinkling stars, on a clear night.
  • Hearing the sound of a child’s laughter.
  • A picnic in the park, next to the river.
  • Reading a book, with no interruptions.
  • The smell of roses and the feeling of the petals touching my face.
  • Baking a favourite cake in my kitchen.
  • A hug from one of my children.
  • The feel of the black velvet fur of my dog.
  • Cuddling up under a blanket on a cold night.
  • Eating a freshly picked mandarin, from the tree in my garden.
  • Seeing the ocean, from the back of my house, on a clear day.
  • Taking a holiday with my family, at my favourite holiday destination.
  • Arriving home again, refreshed, after a holiday.
  • Spending hours, browsing through a second-hand book shop.
  • Holding a new born baby.

Just thinking about these things makes me happy! 🙂

This list could go on forever! I’m sure you could add so much more to the list…so please do!

Don’t forget to pop over to the Calm Space also, where you will find Angela feeling grateful for happiness, Chania Girl giving up on the pursuit of happiness (fun!) and Káren declaring that it’s all about happiness! 🙂

4 thoughts on “My Ultimate List of 27 Happiness Finders!

  1. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for your comment over at the calm space on my comment, I decided to come over and say hi! I love your list. I agree with so many of them, I love sunrise every morning, my family, petting my dog, writing….and so many more..

    Maybe I’ll make a list on my blog and pass it along!

    Have a great day!


  2. That’s the amazing thing about the subject of happiness, it gets you thinking, and you want to write your own list, which makes you even happier! 🙂


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