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Happiness plus Gratitude Equals Overwhelming Joy

I have just returned from another visit to the Calm Space this morning. It feels like Káren is hosting a party over there this month, and Happiness has taken over as the host!

This week Stephanie, Linda, Annie and Anne have joined in the party, each with their own individual concept of happiness.

With all of the talk about Happiness, the happy feelings are becoming contagious! It is absolutely a state of mind, and one which is building momentum with each passing week, as more articles are added at the Calm Space.

Not to be outdone, Gratitude has made a surprise guest appearance also, reminding us all to show gratitude for what we have been identifying as those things which bring us happiness.

Yesterday morning after completing my post “My Ultimate List of 27 Happiness Finders! “ I took myself off to the kitchen to bake a pineapple boiled fruit cake, under the hungry and watchful eyes of Master Twelve, who is on school holidays. The week thus far the weather has given us nothing other than cold, windy, misty and wet days and we have had no problem at all in finding indoor activities to keep us amused until the fine weather reappears.

I had included baking a cake on my list of Happiness Is… and the end result turned out to be a cake that had never tasted better during all of the years I have baked it!

The vital ingredients required for baking my cake are fruit, flour, eggs butter, sugar and spices (and of course, the oven!). I am now realising that those ingredients, combined with the happy state I found myself in, (happiness), due to writing my post on happiness, and an overwhelming delight at seeing my son so enthusiastically awaiting the end result emerging from the oven, (gratitude), produced the most delightfully joyful results!

Therefore, my conclusion is “Happiness plus Gratitude Equals Overwhelming Joy”!

Reading through the articles on the Calm Space this month has also been a reminder to me to appreciate the times when we are feeling less than happy, as the tough times in life are a lesson to us also. Mostly, they remind us to look for the positive, even in less than desirable situations, as “every cloud has a silver lining”.

Happiness is the most inspirational of states to spend your days in. From this day forward, I resolve to offer the utmost appreciation and gratitude, for every wonderful aspect there is of my life.

I’m not usually a party animal, but from now on my intention is to attend every party that Happiness is hosting; especially if he brings Gratitude along to join in the fun! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Happiness plus Gratitude Equals Overwhelming Joy

  1. You hit the nail on the head with gratitude. I am miserable when I begin to leave off thankfullness. Even in the worst surrounding circumstances, as long as I am thankful, I can experience joy….EVEN WHEN UNHAPPY!


  2. Gratitude always joins the happiness party. Those two like to hang out together, hand-in-hand. 😀

    Your cake experience reminds me of my experiments with sacred cooking where you approach cooking with love and joy and infuse it with all that love and joy. The end result is always much better than simply following the recipe.


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