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A Sumptuously Sunny Sunday

The warm winter sun has promised yet another deliciously delectable day. The birds are chirping their happy little morning tunes while the trees are luxuriating in a gently blowing breeze.

No more appropriate words could describe the day. It’s just another Sumptuously Sunny Sunday!

And what words spring to your mind at the mere mention of the word Sunday?

Rest, recreation, relaxation.

Family, frolicking, fanciful.

Carefree, casual, children.

How will I spend my day? Maybe I will read for a while, after I have completed a few rows of knitting. I will drink coffee, whilst reading and knitting.

A drive to the beach would be nice. I’ll see if anyone wants to take the trip with me. Maybe we’ll go to the beach with the lighthouse.

During the afternoon, I could bake a cake. I’ll choose one that the whole family enjoys.

We’ll have something nice for dinner tonight, maybe roast meat, with roasted vegetables and crispy potatoes.

I’ll look through my dessert recipes and make something special for us all.

Master twelve’s winter holidays will be over this week. He goes back to school on Tuesday and will enjoy a family day.

Take my advise; help yourself, whenever possible, to your very own Sumptuously Sunny Sunday. 🙂


S ometimes, every once in a while,

U (you) just have to have a day to yourself, a day when you

N eed to relax; to be selfish, a day to do exactly what you want to do. A

D ay for you! And when the sun sets on your day, when you have allowed yourself this break,

A nd you remember the challenges awaiting you in the week ahead,

Y ou will be feeling relaxed, confident and ready to take on the world!

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