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Happy Birthday…18 Year Old

One of my children will turn eighteen this year. Being born in the year 1992, by the time the day of her birthday arrives, the law of the land will pronounce she has permission to legally vote, purchase cigarettes, tobacco and lottery tickets, purchase and drink alcohol, enter clubs and bars, get married without parental permission and sign legal contracts.

To put it simply, at the age of seventeen years and three-hundred-and-sixty-four-days, she will be regarded as a dependent child. The very next day, she will have apparently made an overnight transformation into an adult.

Long gone are the days of “Coming of Age”, when the proud parents of the birthday boy or girl would ceremoniously present their “new adult” with the “Key to the Door” ~ when turning the age of twenty-one.

What exactly is the point of all of this grand-standing, pomp and ceremony, presented to the newly turned eighteen year old?

Did the magical fairy from “The Land of Eighteen” wave her magic wand over this child, whilst they slept, bestowing said child with all of the knowledge, wisdom and acumen they will need to carry them through this magical journey they are about to embark upon…called adulthood?

According to the law, the answer is yes…I, however, would beg to differ.

To all of my daughter’s friends, whether your birthday is today…tomorrow…this month…or this year, I wish you the absolute best of everything you could ever imagine, even in your wildest dreams, for the most magical life of your own creation…but don’t let any law fool you into believing your life begins today!

For your magical journey actually began eighteen years ago. And there is no final destination to this journey.

Did you realise that you were born with your very own in-built sense of knowledge, wisdom and adventure? Next time you meet a baby or a young child, look deeply into their eyes…there you will find the clarity and wisdom that us mere adults can only dream about!

The eyes are the window to the soul, and within a babies untainted eyes you will find all the wisdom of “knowing”.

You may not realise this, but you still have the very same natural wisdom you were born with, that same wisdom you see in the eyes of babies. But you may have forgotten that it was there all along.  You’ve probably just misplaced it somewhere, lost amongst the millions of words embedded inside your brain by family, friends, teachers, classmates, movies and TV shows.

In actual fact, the advice you give yourself is the best advice you will ever receive. Only you know what is best for you.

For your birthday, I wish you an abundance of realised wisdom, which will carry you safely along the Magical Road of Life.

All of the best advice ever given to me has been of a spiritual nature. If your spirit is well, the material side of life falls into place all on its own, without too much assistance from you. Therefore ~

  • Keep clarity of mind; stay focussed on the things you know are right for you.
  • Show kindness to others; even a simple smile goes a long way. 🙂
  • Show kindness to yourself; love for others begins with love for you.
  • Have a healthy strength of will; don’t be swayed by peer pressure.
  • Follow your own intuition; listen to your inner voice, it won’t lead you astray.
  • Follow you own dreams, not the dreams that others have for you.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; there are lessons to be learned, even in adversity.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff; when you grow older, you realise that the hassles in life are really all small stuff.
  • Learn how to say no. Ultimately, you don’t do either yourself, or anyone else any favours by saying “yes” when you really mean “no”.
  • Be true to yourself; decide what is right for you and make no compromises.

“I hope your Birthday gently breezes into your life all of the choicest of things and all that your heart holds dear”.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday…18 Year Old

  1. Wow what a beautiful post! Now I have a question what did your daughter think about this post? Did she like it. Just looking through your key words and you have really covered all the important aspects of life.
    In essence I agree that turning 18 is absurd particularly for boys they are no way magically adualts at that birthday, my daughter is years ahead in maturity compared to the boys. I guess that’s just the way it is with girls.Funny I always remember my mother saying that expression, “the eyes are the window to the soul” and your right as young adults they still have that same wisdom as when they were a baby they just need to be reminded somtimes easier said than done at that age. I love that expression There is no final destination to the journey important for kids and adults.
    Just went back and reread another quote that I like “The advice you give yourself is the best that you will recieve” how powerful is that if we can get our kids to take that on. Finally your do’s and dont list covers it all.Brilliant!


  2. Well considering mum wrote it on one of my close friends 18th birthday im sure it may have been some form of inspiration.
    I love reading my mums post’s just because there always different and unique.
    I cant wait to turn 18, on of my friends has a countdown on his phone until my birthday. Its only little over 100 days to go 🙂
    I honistly dont think 18th birthday are mostly “just for the boys” i think i was more excited about my close friends 18th birthday than he was himself. But he had a pleasant birthday anyway, but also had a bit too much to drink last night 😛
    But the think mum wrote about indepandance im lucky to say i know my mum and dad already trust me enough to make my own judgements in my life, so for me turning 18 wont be about geting some kind of “go” card on life.
    It will be the chance to mature and be out “in the real world” but i know my parents and they will always be there for me know matter what i do, or what trouble i get into.
    Love you Mum ❤


  3. Stan ~ I’m pleased to hear you liked my post. How old is your daughter? The inspiration to write this came from my daughter having a close friend who turned 18 yesterday. As for asking what did my daughter think of this post, I had to wait until this morning for her to read it, as she was at her friend’s party last night. She has left a comment herself…Emma Louise is my girl! 🙂

    Gaelikaa ~ Thank you, and yes, I did write this post with love. Teenagers are so vulnerable, yet self-assured; childlike, yet mature. I can’t help but love them. 🙂

    Heather ~ Emma Louise (the comment before yours) is my daughter. Her birthday isn’t until December, when she turns 18, but a close friend of hers had his birthday yesterday…he was my inspiration for writing this post. 🙂

    Miss Emmy~Lou, are you counting down those days, girl? How unusual! 😉
    You have learned so much over the last few years and have gained so much wisdom yourself. My beautiful Emma, you know I will always be there for you, but please don’t get into any trouble! I love you too, Princess. ❤


  4. Hey i never get into trouble, trouble isnt my added on middle name or anything :S
    yayaya for being 18 soon 🙂


  5. Joanne My daughter Alanna turns 21 in September and my youngest boy turned 18 in April. I liked your daughters comment normal teenager speak. Seemed that she liked it.


  6. Stan ~ I often say that Emma is my third child but my first teenager! My two older ones, aged 25 and 22 were “born mature”. I should write a post on it sometime! Yes, Emma is very much a teenager, and a wonderful one at that.

    Hmm…I see you have a 1992 vintage child also…


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