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Affirmations ~ “My Intentions for Feeling Good About Myself Today”

“Today I will direct my thoughts to dwell on the positive about me, and the good things I have done. I will withhold any self criticisms or negative self talk. I will not hold others opinions above my own.

Today I will refuse to participate in anything that takes away from my feeling good, or entertain thoughts of self doubt.

Today I will remember that as an ever loving, joyful soul, I am not my body, nor am I the things I have done, therefore I will not compare myself with others, or judge myself in any way.

Today I will not go against my inner voice of conscience nor put on a “woe-is-me” scene. I will cancel any unrealistic expectations of myself. I will willingly accept whatever is present.

Today I will do something good so that I have more good thoughts about myself tomorrow.

Today I will remember that I am enough, I am okay, alright just as I am, and I give myself permission to just be myself. I will make it okay to say “no”, even if it displeases others. I will forgive myself and forget what I have forgiven. I will always do the best I can in whatever circumstances I find myself in.

Today I will only see, think and hear good about myself. I will practise being patient, kind and gentle with myself. I will take every opportunity to laugh at myself, and refuse to take life too seriously. I will respect myself and treat myself with the V.I.P. status I am worthy of.

Today I choose to have positive and self supporting attitudes and to participate only in those expressions that add to my inner harmony and well being, and I especially prefer to be involved in those things that will have me feeling good and full of appreciation about myself at the end of this day….

And about all, it is my intention to be gentle and kindly towards myself…no matter what percentage of these goals I achieve.” ~ Author Unknown.

2 thoughts on “Affirmations ~ “My Intentions for Feeling Good About Myself Today”

  1. Joann,
    This is where it starts! The Power Positive Thinking (Norman Vincent Peale), Dr. Peale was a friend of ours through my husband’s work in Public Television. He was a public figure early on in my life long before I had the honor of meeting him. He taught me positive energy, thought and actions are contagious!

    Your previous post about change is another BOULDER of LIFE. This one I learned from my mom. So, I do embrace the somewhat awkward changes in my life right now… including unemployment. That is a scary one, but has given me time to pursue a dream of more writing…. and meeting some wonderful online writers and thinkers, such as yourself. Blessings surround each and everyone of us if we bother to ‘see; them. You have done your good deeds here helping readers get in touch with the positive side!

    I most enjoy your descriptions of Mt. Waring, nuance of light and how it plays with your view.
    Have a wonderful day~ Lisa~


  2. Lisa, what an honour it must have been to know Norman Vincent Peale! I can just imagine the intriuging conversations you must have had with him. 🙂

    Changes can be very troublesome at times, if we let them be. It sounds as though you are making the most of the forced cahnges in your life right now. And remember, nothing stays the same, so what you have in your life now will change in time also. Picture a turning wheel…it rotates to the down position, but it always goes around to the top again!

    No matter whether you are at the top of the wheel, or at the bottom, a positive attitute will always make you feel as though you are on top of the world! 😀


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