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New Years Day, 2011!

What with my last post here being just a little over two months ago there seems to be so much to say today, and I will say it all, plus some! But all in due course.

My lack of attention to my beloved blog site has been due to lack of time, definitely not lack of interest! I have written at least a million posts in my mind over the last few weeks and now the time has come to get these mind-posts published!

To help give myself a bit of a kick-start for the New Year and to get the “blog-ball” rolling once again, I’ve made some commitments ~

The Daily Post

The people at WordPress have come up with some New Years ideas themselves, offering encouragement to bloggers through The Daily Post.

A community of bloggers, all with goals of committing to either posting a blog once a week or a blog once a day, will be helping each other along the way, through help and encouragement. Suggested optional themes are offered also.

With just a little trepidation, (but not too much!) I have decided to commit to posting a blog a day. I know how hard that can be at times, but what can I say, I love to blog!

If you are reading my blog, I hope you will encourage me with comments and good will throughout the year. Your friendship means a lot. 🙂


Regular visitors to this site will know that I am no stranger to NaBloPoMo. I joined for the first time last year and have made some wonderful new blog-friends through the site.

The theme for January is “Friends”. How could I resist such a friendly theme as that? 😀

Again, I have taken up the challenge to publish a post each day throughout January, making the most thorough use possible of the January theme.

In keeping with the theme of “friends”, the photo at the top of this page was taken this morning, just outside my front door.

He’s a friendly little fellow to have as a house guest; makes no noise, doesn’t raid the pantry at midnight and never uses up all of the hot water!

Doesn’t his little home look stunning, with the rain drops hanging delicately onto each thread? (Click on the photo to enlarge it).

And Finally….

Happy New Year to one and all! I hope 2011 is the most magical year you can possibly imagine for yourself. 🙂

3 thoughts on “New Years Day, 2011!

  1. It is indeed a stunning photo! Beautiful capture of your friend (and from the sounds of it, well-behaved house guest) and the rain drops hanging on the web.

    Wishing you lots of luck and blog fodder over the coming year. I’ve joined The Daily Post, too (although I was already pretty much committed for the year so I guess it wasn’t a big leap for me).

    Happy New Year to you too!


    1. I’m hoping The Daily Post will offer some inspiration when I need it Robin! It’s great to hear that you’ve joined too, at least I know I have a friend there!

      Good luck with your further committment for 2011, although I don’t believe you will need any luck ~ your posts get better each day. 🙂


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