A Time for Silence

I’ve spent a lot of the day talking today and I think I may well be all talked out.

It hasn’t helped either that the weather has been hot and humid, quite exhausting actually, after all of our lovely summer’s days of late.

Now, it is raining, not surprising after the humidity of today, and the frogs are happily croaking away in the stillness of the night.

Do you ever have days like I’ve had today? Days when your brain and body both feel rather lethargic?

The talking I enjoyed, the heat not so much. It’s Friday, the weekend is ahead of us and the summer holidays are all but over. The last of the school’s will reopen on Monday.

And so begins another year.

A year of new beginnings; new friends; new dreams; making new memories.

New lessons to be learned.

New mountains to conquer.

A year to know when to talk and when to remain silent.

Silence, to restore the soul.

And now is a silent time….

Goodnight. xxx