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A Most Unlikely Friendship

During the month of October last year, the theme at the Calm Space was “Courage”.

As a regular contributor to the Calm Space, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share a story I had heard of, via the internet, about two men and their pet lion, Christian.

The editor of the Calm Space, the lovely Káren Wallace, is in holiday mode throughout January, as here in Australia nearly the whole of the month is devoted to school holidays, hot weather and recovering from Christmas!

Káren and her family have a busy month personally, with birthdays and anniversary celebrations, plus moving house, so it is an ideal opportunity for Káren to rerun some favourite articles which have featured over the last three years.

Today, I have decided to follow in Káren’s footsteps and rerun one of my own favourite articles, “Finding the Courage to Let Go”.

The story of Christian the Lion is one of yes, courage, and also love, devotion, loyalty and friendship.

While you are over at the Calm Space, have a browse through the inspiring articles you will find there. Káren makes her readers feel right at home with her own warm, friendly, chatty articles.

I promise you will leave her site feeling rejuvenated and ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead for you!

2 thoughts on “A Most Unlikely Friendship

  1. Thanks Joanne! It’s great you are highlighting this wonderful story on courage – it’s one of my favourites! I so appreciate your beautiful wisdom and loving spirit and adore having you write for The Calm Space! (And it’s wonderful to pop in here in between boxes and sneezes to feel uplifted. thank you) xx


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