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My Year of Freedom and Gratitude

“To be grateful for “what is” has been my personal path to freedom. When I stop to allow and fully accept the reality of this current moment ~ NOW ~ a calmness and centeredness is revealed and available to me.” ~ Morthern Spears

Over the past few days I have read a lot about choosing a personal theme for this year; finding a word, or perhaps a phrase, which you can focus on throughout the year.

I suppose another way of putting it is to say your word should represent something you would like to achieve this year, something you hold dear to your heart.

Your word should represent the change and improvement you would like to achieve for yourself during 2011.

After much contemplation, I have decided that my own personal theme for this year will be “freedom”.

I must admit that freedom actually became my focus during the latter half of last year. In fact, when I contribute articles to the Calm Space, they are listed under “Freedom Space”. It therefore seems most fitting that I make it my year to have freedom uppermost in my mind, as I travel through this year.

There is so much more freedom to be achieved.

One of my main focuses in my quest for freedom is to live in the moment, therefore…

I choose to freely cut the strings that have tied me to past habits I have formed in my life.

With faith in the future, knowing that events will unfold around me in just the way they are meant to unfold, I need never worry myself about the future.

My focus will be trained upon the here and now, savouring the reality of the current moment as each new and wonderful event reveals itself to me.

And, most importantly, keeping my eyes wide open, I will show gratitude for all of the Everyday Inspirations I find in my life, recording their appearance to me in my Gratitude Diary.

I give myself permission to live a life embraced by freedom.

What about you? Have you given any thought to how you would like 2011 to unfold?

It’s not too late to forget the past, let the future take care of itself and centre your thoughts in the moment. Listen to your heart. What is it saying to you? Listen carefully, as your heart will speak to you, letting you know what it is you most desire from this year….from life.

4 thoughts on “My Year of Freedom and Gratitude

  1. Freedom… I like that. There are so many ways to look at it. 🙂

    My word for the year is Declutter. It’s not quite as practical/mundane as it sounds as I think there are all kinds of ways to declutter, on all levels (the physical, the mental, and the spiritual). “Declutter” is a follow-up to last year’s “Simplify.” I think I jumped into Simplify too quickly. I need to Declutter which will, I hope, lead to Simplify.


  2. That’s a coincidence…I thought Freedom would be a lead up to Simplify too! I actually tossed around the idea of Simplify for this year but decided that it would be “putting the cart before the horse”, so to speak.

    “Declutter” is a great theme for this year, Robin. Every time I declutter anything, either around the home or mentally, it gives me a feeling of lightness or weightlessness.


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