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An Ideas Kind of Man

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This morning I had a visitor. Two visitors, actually.

Time spent with my beautiful eldest daughter is always time well spent. She’s a ray of sunshine in my day, always has been, right from the very day she was born.

She brought with her today “The Man in Her Life”. This is the man who possesses magical powers, having swept my daughter completely off her feet over five years ago, and they have lived happily together ever since.

My daughter’s head has never been easily turned. But she knows what she wants. And she got what she wanted….and so did he!

My daughter’s man values his privacy, so for the sake of today’s exercise, I’ll call him, umm…Bill.

You know when Bill has entered the room, he’s like a whirlwind. And he disappears without ceremony. No long goodbyes for this man! By the time the dust has settled and the swirling leaves have fallen to the ground, he’s vanished.

The value of Bill is in the brief time he spends with you, in the room! The electric currents running through his brain simply bounce off the walls and, if your mind is receptive, it won’t be long before your own mind is buzzing, right along with his.

Bill has presence. He has charisma. And most importantly, he has good instincts.

Many a time I have asked his advice on matters that I have been too close to, to be able to handle objectively. Without so much as a bat of an eyelid, Bill utters a sentence, leaving you with a whole new perspective on the matter at hand.

If I could find a way to bottle his natural ability to find solutions to every matter mentioned to him, we’d be rich, and the world would be a better place to live in.

He’s rarely moody. Nor does he take anything too seriously. Yet he is one of the most compassionate people I know.

Our conversation this morning has left me, yet again, with a million ideas running through my brain. Don’t ask me how the conversation started. I never know what it is that prompts any conversation with Bill. They just happen.

Bill says one thing; I reply, my daughter interjects; before long we seem to all be talking together, hearing every words spoken by each of us!

Momentum kicks in; one idea leads to the next. He leaves you with plenty to contemplate!

I do believe that everyone needs a “Bill” in their life; make that several “Bills”!

He’s an ideas person. What he says makes a whole lotta sense. He gets you thinking.

It occurred to me today that there are many internet based “Bills”; people with ideas, who offer inspiration, who start the ball rolling on any subject matter you care to choose from.

Pick an idea out of a hat. Look it up on the internet. There’ll be someone there talking about your idea, offering suggestions, helping you gain momentum to keep that ball rolling along.

If they’re a blogger, you can begin to interact. They give you ideas. Hopefully, you reciprocate.

You don’t steel their ideas; all it may take is a simple sentence, which leads you to an idea, which progresses to another thought, then another.

Unknowingly, your friend on the other side of the world has brought new meaning to your day.

The same applies to feelings. With so many uplifting websites around, there are some days when I simply do not have enough time to get to them all!

I value my online friends, the “Bills” who inspire my days so often without even realising they have done so.

And I am grateful for my in the flesh Bill, the one who makes my daughters world a wonderful place, who she happily shares with her family. 🙂

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