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Introducing…”A Sense of Spirit”

This weekend I’ve been having a wonderful time with WordPress, adding here, changing there, reading up on this, that and the other.

I’ve even started up a brand new blog, something that I’ve been contemplating doing for most of this year. Well, yesterday, I finally had all of the details worked out and began to put my thoughts into action.

The end result, (even though this is just the beginning!) is “A Sense of Spirit”. I do hope you will take a look at what I’ve got there so far.

It may or may not be your cup of tea and it can’t hurt to take a look, now can it?

I really like the design and colours in my new website. It feels right for what it is, and for what it is to become, with time.

WordPress is a fantastic site for setting up blogs, both free and self-hosted. I’ve finally got my head around the different WordPress sites too ~

WordPress.com is where you set up a free blog, such as “asenseofspirit. wordpress.com”, which is hosted by WordPress and has the word WordPress in the web address, and…

WordPress.org is for the self-hosted blog sites, (where you choose your own domain name and it doesn’t include the word WordPress) an example of where you are now, here at www.HomeLifeOnline.com

There has been many a time when I have been completely stumped by WordPress’s  instructions, on how to set all of the aspects of a blog in place. They can, at times, be just downright vague with their information! Still and all, WordPress is my first choice for setting up a blog.

Don’t forget to have a look around at “A Sense of Spirit” and let me know what you think.

Today’s photo credit goes to “Yours Truly”. It was taken many years ago, in our back garden, when we lived in Sydney and is my first two babies. It is one of my favourite photos of them and I have used it today, for my first photo on my first post, at “A Sense of Spirit”.



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Intuition ~ Taking Our Own Advice

Children - Innocent and Intuitive

We all have that little voice inside our heads, urging us to take the path in our lives which “feels right”.

But do we always listen? And if we do listen to our inner voice, do we always, if ever, follow that voice’s advice?

During the years of my childhood I always took my own advice. But as the years progressed I learned to listen to the advice of “others”. You know who the “others” are, they are the adults of the world, people with experience, those who have been around longer than you have, so know what’s “best” for you.

Do they really know what’s best? Or are they simply passing on to the children of the world the advice which they were given as youngsters and they were expected to follow, so they expect you to follow also?

Do they feel it is it their time to receive the respect that they were expected to show to their elders?

Perhaps so, and I’m all for showing respect.

But don’t you think that children are just as entitled to respect as the adults are?

I believe they are.

And just because a child is “young” does not mean that they don’t know what’s going on, or what is right for them. Children have intuition too. In fact, I would go so far as to say that in most cases, a child’s intuition is far superior to an adult’s intuition!

As a child myself, I spent a lot of time “remembering”. I remembered my grandmother, who had died some twenty-five years before my birth, and I remember missing her and longing to see her again.

I remember believing that anything was possible. I could do anything I wanted to do, have anything I wanted to have. All I had to do was go after it!

Those were the days before adult logic told me everything that I couldn’t do. The days when I was asked how I could miss my grandmother, when we had never even met.

The days when my young mind began to be clouded over by “worldly logic”.

But back then, I knew otherwise.

Over time, the adults achieved their goal of making me “sensible”. Teachers in particular and other kids at school would be the first to ridicule anyone with an alternative opinion, back in those days.

As time advanced further, however, my old, familiar friend, “Intuition”, again took a hold of me, guiding me through the greatest moments of my life!

Are you following your own intuition? Or does harsh, cold reality guide your life?

Everyone should do the right thing for their own lives. Just make sure it really is the right thing for you, whatever the situation.