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Announcing …

Meet the newest arrival to my family, my grandson, Arlo! ❤

Arlo is three days old now, but of course I couldn’t announce his arrival until his Mummy and Daddy were ready to introduce him to the world.

Me and husband met our newest grandson tonight, and we both agree that he is absolute perfection.

This afternoon, just for fun, my daughters put together a collage of my three grandsons and one granddaughter, with photos taken just after each of them were born. I don’t know if I’m the only one who sees it, but I think these babies have some similar features to each other.

Compared to my announcement, Mount Warning seems like rather a bland topic today, however, I did commit to sharing a photo of the mountain every day. So share, I must.

Poor mountain – on any other day the sunlit, clear blue ranges and mountain would be something to rave about. Today, they pale in comparison to my announcement.

Oh, and tomorrow, I will have an update on my kitchen renovation.

This has been quite a busy week! 🙂

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First 2020 Fledgling Sighting

It’s our Labour Day long weekend, so husband and I spent the day in the front garden today. (I should also mention that daylight savings started for us this weekend too.) We had already spent a lot of time out there during winter, weeding, pruning, planning and mulching, but of course, now the weather is warming up the grass is growing faster and the occasional weed peeks through the mulch.

We pulled out a few random weeds in the garden beds we’d already tended, then while husband mowed the lawn – it takes a while because it’s a pretty big area – I finished weeding a garden right up the top of the hill, next to the road. I took the photo of the mountain today from right next to the garden bed I was working on.

For the past couple of days I have been hearing the cheeping of a baby bird. Up until today I haven’t sighted it, but today, I did. Mama magpie spent the day either searching for food, or sitting on the branch high up in my Lemon Scented Gum Tree next to her fledgling. I took some photos, and this is the best I could get.

You should be able to see some downy white feathers there. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the parents bring the baby down to the garden to “introduce” their newest addition. I didn’t see father magpie today, so I’m wondering if there might be another fledgling that he’s taking care of elsewhere. I don’t even know if that’s something birds might do – split the care. I’m sure I will soon find out.

I’ve been feeding magpies for so many years now, and every year when the baby birds arrive it’s still an exciting event. 🙂

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A Manifesto.

Manifesto for a simple life


The definition of a manifesto is “a public declaration of intentions”…..

I found this manifesto just a few days ago, and these words, along with so many others I have been reading lately, jumped off the page at me.

This is my own personal manifesto for 2015. I won’t be over thinking the possibilities, the words were discovered for me, and when you know withing your heart and soul that something is right, no questions need be asked, no debate entered into ~ so here they are.

Due to “eating less”, I have not eaten anything since breakfast time, and my stomach is growling, so I will now “move more” to the kitchen, for a quick snack, after which I will continue moving, you know, chores to be done….but I have been giving my word for this year a huge amount of feeling, and will share thoughts and words that have led me to the choice soon…..

Have you ever chosen a manifesto?


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Magical Beginnings.

happy new year 2015
I found this elegant photo on Facebook and love the complete image it portrays ~ the pine for Christmas just past, the subtle streamers for celebrating the New Year, and glasses of champagne, for a toast to the very best wishes for 2015 to friends and family.


As I begin to write today, I think it would be safe to say that the entire world has now welcomed in the New Year. I always feel that the promise of new beginnings, carried through on a wave of excitement into a new year, is perhaps the most magical time on the years calendar.

The thought of writing a list of New Year’s Resolutions leaves me rather cold, however. I prefer instead to feel my way to a higher level of wisdom, and for want of a way to describe my feelings, that is the best I can come up with!

The magic of this time of the year in Australia also lies also in long, lazy, hot summer days, taking a break from work, setting the usual routine aside, and relaxing. Since Christmas day, I haven’t cooked a real meal, we have lived instead off the left overs of cold Christmas meat, the occasional bar-be-que, and salads. We have mince pies in the cupboard, rum balls in the freezer, and oh, the chocolate! My indulgence in sweet treats will end shortly, then I will diet. 😉

My husband is at home every day, not doing anything in particular other than relaxing. He’s also reading a lot. I remember many years ago, a time when he simply hated me reading, feeling it took time away from our “together” moments, and I actually stopped reading for a while, just to keep the peace. How times have changed. After thirty-five years of marriage, he finally discovered the joy of reading for himself, perhaps initially with an attitude of “if you can’t beat them, join them”, and recently he confessed that he regretted the time he resented my books, and wished he had discovered the joy of reading sooner. Those few sincere words from my husband were a highlight of 2014 for me. We now enjoy our together time, sitting in the same room, on different comfortable chairs (it’s too hot to share a sofa during summer!) each reading the book of our choice.

Today is a photo-free day, just an opportunity to wish good health, good luck, happiness, blessings and love to all my friends, as 2015 begins.

I have a great feeling about this year….it’s going to be magical. ❤