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The Long and Winding Road ~ An Adult Perspective

This morning, before he went to school, I took thirteen year old Adam, (um…fourteen before the month ends!) to the dentist.

He was just a tad overdue for a visit and well, yes, he has grown a lot this year, in fact he is now taller than I am. As we walked up the stairs out the front of the dental surgery, Adam commented, “these stairs used to be so much bigger!”

Isn’t it funny how we have a different perspective on the size of our familiar surroundings as we grow up?

A couple of months ago I took a long overdue trip back to my hometown, revisiting the once familiar surroundings of my childhood.

Since returning home I have realised that it will take me quite some time to get my head around my trip. It was certainly a wanted trip. I would even go as far as calling it a needed trip. And while I am progressively sorting out the events of my time back in my hometown in my own mind, there’s one thing I’m certain of….everything seems a whole lot bigger when we’re small!

A perfect example of this fact would be a road that I travelled along on countless occasions as a child. The road went on, and on, and on….

Not only was the road long, it was (and still is) a winding road. Some of the sharp bends in the road take you around a full one hundred and eighty degrees!

Realising that my child’s perspective differed greatly from my adult perspective on a number of occasions, I needed photographic evidence that my winding road was indeed as winding as my child’s mind remembered it, hence the above photo, taken by Adam from the passenger seat of my car, as we approached one of the extreme bends.

And as for the length of the “long and winding road that went on and on and on”? I would estimate the bendy section would last for a maximum of maybe two kilometres. The whole road itself, from the entry of the road and ending at my old home, is seven kilometres, a far cry from what I thought was around twenty kilometres!

Taking a journey back in time can be a real eye-opener!


2 thoughts on “The Long and Winding Road ~ An Adult Perspective

  1. Isn’t it, though? I am always amazed when I go back to where I grew up and realize how much things have changed merely in my own perception of them.

    That road looks VERY wind-y to me. 🙂


    1. It also amazed me that my young son found the steps to be much smaller than he remembered them, Robin. Image how much they will strink for him over the next few years! 🙂


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