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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Mountains

The theme for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is irresistible to me, being “mountains” and it’s the easiest photo ever to come up with, considering my recent trip to the Blue Mountains, where I visited the world-famous “Three Sisters”.

Mountains have the power to move me; to make my soul sing; to bring an overwhelming feeling within my heart that everything is, and always will be, right with the world.

Mountains bring a smile to my face. I lose track of time when I look at a mountain, any mountain, even if it is just a photo of mountains I am looking at.

However, whenever I have the rare and fortunate opportunity to visit “The Three Sisters” all of the above feelings are magnified, one thousand times over.

These massive rocks, the surrounding mountains and the valley below simply take my breath away! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Mountains

  1. I know what you mean about mountains, Joanne! The Three Sisters are beautiful. Perhaps our soul connects deeply with the rugged peaks as they metaphorically invite us to the heights within ourselves.


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