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A Word with My Blog

Journalling my thoughts

Dear Blog,

Oh, how I have neglected you in recent times! I promise you, I have not forgotten you at all, constantly being aware of your existence, wishing to spend time with you, yet other commitments have seemed far more urgent than visiting you.

Well, at the time, I thought they took priority over contacting you to let you know I cared, assuring you that you were still a significant aspect of my life.

I knew that you were there, patiently awaiting my return. But were you really?

Just this Saturday, spending time in the garden, thinking of you, taking photographs which you may enjoy, missing you, intending to visit with you when I came back indoors….

Where were you, when I came looking for you? Stolen from my grasp. Gone.

Were you lost somewhere in cyberspace? Did they treat you well, the strangers who invaded you, taking you from my reach?

Did you know that the moment I found you were missing, I sent out a search party?

Did you know how I missed you and longed for your return?

We are so lucky to have the friend who returned you to me, seemingly unharmed and fully intact. Adjustments have now been made and I do hope that you are now well and truly out of harms reach.

Not that I could have ever imaged you were in danger to begin with! I thought you were safe, each time I bid you farewell and left you safely accepting visits from our online friends.

How could I have known otherwise?

Not to worry. Now you’re back and I will not neglect you again.

You are still my trusted friend, my special place where I wish to continue recording my thoughts, findings and photographs.

Hopefully, our friends will continue to enjoy visiting us, as you and I build on what we have and grow together, just as we will continue to visit our online friends.

Who knows, perhaps we will find new friends during our continuing journey together!

I have plans for our future. Spending time without you has given me the opportunity to consider what our future will bring, the changes we will make to improve upon what we already have.

Be patient, Dear Blog, ‘til I return, tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “A Word with My Blog

    1. You’re absolutely right, Heather. 🙂

      It has been an honour to read your most personal thoughts recently, my friend. I believe we gain strength from not only sharing our deepest thoughts with the keyboard but also from the support of our friends.


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