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……And The Four Blogs Lived Happily Ever After

My Dad, looking out across the ocean. I love this photo but couldn't include it on his history page as I ran out of room!

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too.” ~ Anne Frank

Today, I have some really exciting news. It’s actually an announcement and about one of the items on my “to do list”.

Only a history buff or a complete and utter genealogy nut will appreciate the full extent of my excitement, although I do hope that those who are lacking in interest of the topic will feel enthused by my happiness regardless.

Imagine the sound of a drum roll at this point please; this announcement is monumental!

Two days ago, hit the internet airwaves, the blog I have dreamed of starting for years, where I can record my family history! I tried to call the blog Mottershead, (as that is my maiden name, so the beginning point of my history) but it was taken already, hence the name Jo Mottershead (that’s me!)

The theme I chose for the new blog is a free WordPress theme called “Chateâu” and I’m really happy with the look. No, more than happy, I’m ecstatic, tickled pink, couldn’t-have-wished-for-a-better-theme-if-it-was-made-to-order kind of happiness!

I would like to offer an invitation to everyone to visit my new website and please, don’t be shy about leaving a comment. All constructive criticism will be taken on board. It doesn’t hurt to have a proof reader, or multiple proof readers either.

I’ve already discovered also that I can link in to more personal stories from my family history website with stories I have written elsewhere. For example, while sorting through my parents old photos, (another item I’ve been tackling on my ‘to do list’) I have found photos taken of a shop my parents once owned. That is a story for my “Memoirs of my Life” site and can be linked in to the point of my father’s life story, where I can display the photos and tell about my parents buying the business, back in the 1970’s.

Last year I visited the grave (yes, I like graveyards, they’re full of history) of my Great-Uncle Albert and have written the story of that day at my “A Sense of Spirit” website, which can be linked into the post I write when I reach his story in my line of ancestry.

So my “Blog Family” is now complete. Each of my four blogs has its purpose  and can interact with one another, hopefully continuing to happily co-exist with each other for a long time to come, just as all good siblings should. 🙂

8 thoughts on “……And The Four Blogs Lived Happily Ever After

  1. Your joyful enthusiasm is being felt all the way over here on this side of the globe! Congratulations on completing your blog family! I love cemeteries, too… *The Family of Jo Mottershead* is looking fantastic! 🙂


    1. That’s exactly how I feel about reading stories from the USA, Bo, it’s such a different world in so many ways and yet very similar in others. Either way, the stories are interesting. I’m pleased to hear you enjoyed mine. 🙂


  2. Four blogs! You do, indeed, have a family of blogs. Genealogy is such a topic of interest for so many~~I am sure you’ll have many visitors who will share your family tree.


    1. Each blog has its own particular subject Kathy, and I have discovered that all four can link into each other, by adding another story to the one subject, but from a different aspect! I hadn’t intended that to happen, so it came as a sweet serendipity. 🙂


  3. Congratulations on your new blog and meeting your goal! And yes, I am very enthused by your happiness. I can feel it radiating out from this blog post. 😀


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