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The Beauty in Dull Weather Days

About a month ago I joined a website called Blipfoto, which I was introduced to by Kathy at “Reinventing the Event Horizon”. Kathy’s partner Sara, a wonderful photographer, had discovered Blipfoto and joined the site herself, and Kathy invited everyone to drop by Sara’s Blipfoto site.

Surfing fanatics don't care about the weather, just the waves.

Initially my plan was to take a look at Sara’s photos and offer her my support, although five minutes later I had joined the site myself and was contemplating my first photo!

Looking out from the Captain Cook Memorial Lighthouse at Point Danger.

The decision was a no-brainer really; any site recommended by Kathy and Sara had to be worthwhile, I had admired Sara’s photos on Kathy’s site for some time, and, although I am a novice photographer myself, I have become increasingly interested in the technicalities of photography myself over the past couple of years.

Looking up at the lighted area.

Blipfoto allows the posting of one photo per day, accompanied by a small description of said photo, although not absolutely essential. I find this extremely achievable, even on the busiest of days.

A closeup of the Lazerbeam Lighthouse.

In the process of taking just one photo for each day, however, I am ending up with at least ten new photos each day, and after choosing “the one” for the day, the rest of my photos, however amazing, must be resigned to a life in my desktop folder of photos…..

Duranbah Beach, still busy, even on a wet day.

…..unless ~ I show some of my favourites here!

A dull day at Elephant Rock, Currumbin, Queensland.

In reality, the weather here during the past week has been nothing spectacular, unless you enjoy rain and dull days. Some of my photos have even been taken from inside my car, in an effort to keep dry and I have been surprisingly pleased by some of the results.

An almost empty car park area at Currumbin Beach.

When the sky is cloudy and grey, the lighting effect on the photos is different to that of a sunny day and I find that there is a certain beauty in photos taken on cloudy days.

Currumbin Beach

Perhaps there has even been a name invented for this white/grey effect, I’m not sure.

Gloomy, yet beautiful.

“The Week That Was” may even become a regular end-of-week post here, if I keep on taking photos worthy (to me, at least!) of being displayed.

This photo made it to Blipfoto; my funny little Cutie, confined to the "great indoors"!



17 thoughts on “The Beauty in Dull Weather Days

  1. I have enjoyed your blips and in the process enjoyed getting to know you. One of the greatest benefits I have already gained from doing Blipfoto is creating a friendship with you. You are also quite good at capturing interesting images (glad to see more here). Your cat’s sleeping habit has still got me laughing. Keep blipping — my friend!


    1. Thank you Sara. 🙂 I had been enjoying your photos on Kathy’s website before you joined blip, and as you say, Blipfoto is a wonderful way to get to know people better and to develop a friendship.

      My cat is a gentle little soul, very expressive and does some of the funniest things! Her name is actually Tabitha, but I have multiple names for her, depending on her mood! 🙂


  2. Hey Joanne,

    Thanks so much for the shout out. Saras talks about you frequently. She loves your photos and told me yesterday that she had invited you to visit us–which would be very, very fun. I LOVE the photo of your cat sleeping. Sara showed it to me the other day. That is so, so funny, Joanne.

    At any rate, I thought I was subscribed to your blog and that you had exchanged blogging for blipping–thus no notices of postings. Clearly, I was wrong. I am not getting noticies. You are blogging. I’m so sorry to have missed your stuff. I’m going to try to subscribe again and see what happens.



    1. Kathy, I love reading your stories and would recommend everyone pays your site a visit. I have spent ages reading through some of your old posts, as well as the more recent. I’m a bit behind on my reading at the moment, what with a few work committments, but I’m slowly catching up. One of the things I like about Blipfoto is that I can always manage a photo and a few words, regardless of how busy I am. That’s a good thing, as it keeps my “writers mind” active!

      This is the site that I call my main blog, but I have three other blogs ~ the one you have subscribed to is “A Sense of Spirit“, then there’s another called “Memoirs of My Life“. I enjoy writing my memoirs, as I know you do also! My most recently started blog is where I have begun to record my families history at ““.

      And then of course there is Blipfoto, which I am so happy that you and Sara introduced me to! 🙂

      Wouldn’t that be something if I could visit you and Sara in the USA one day? I would love that, but it will have to wait until my youngest child is older. He’s still in school, but I have plans for when he’s a bit older! 😀


  3. Gray days do have their own kind of beauty – a softer, gentler kind of beauty than days full of sun. Assuming, of course, that the gray is not accompanied by stormy weather. Love your photos, most especially of your cat in her silly sleeping position. I often wish I could bend and fold my body like they do theirs.


    1. Thank you Carol. 🙂 The light is certainly different, as you say softer, and a different kind of beautiful. I hate being out in stormy weather, but would love to catch lightening in a photo. That would be fun!


  4. Love your cloudy day pictures! There is something compelling about the light on gray days – in many ways some colors stand out better – on sunny days sometimes the colors in photos can seem washed out or over exposed. The colors in the 2nd, 4th, and 6th pictures are especially striking. I was wondering about the Blipfoto notifications on your Facebook wall – perhaps I need to sign up there for the link to work…


    1. I’m so pleased that we all now have digital cameras Barbara, we don’t have to wonder how our photos will turn out, and don’t have to wait for the film to be developed before we can see them. Think of the bad weather days we no doubt wouldn’t have taken photos on, back then, believing they would turn out badly. I find that the light either makes or breaks the photos I take. Maybe it’s the camera, but as you say, on bright days the photos can look over-exposed.

      You can join Blipfoto without adding content if you wish to, but with your new camera I’ll bet you could add some really great photos. 🙂


  5. Finally figured out what I was doing wrong in trying subscribe, Joanne. I was forgetting to fill in my email address. God, am I stupid! At least I think that’s it.


    1. I’m sorry you’re having trouble with subscribing Kathy. The gremlins got into my site this morning and I have been off the air for a while, so all I can suggest is another try. Perhaps the problem has been fixed now. I hope it has! 🙂


  6. Lovely series of photos, Joanne. I especially love the one of your cat. So cute!

    I got hooked on Blipfoto the same way, although I’m trying to back off a bit as I really don’t have time for it. I wish I’d found that before I started blogging as I like the concept. I’m thinking of trying it out on my blog. One photo, a few words, and done. 🙂


    1. Thank you Robin. Yes, she is a cutie. 🙂

      You take so many gorgeous photos Robin, you’d have one heck of a time choosing just one to publish on your blog each day! Lol. One of the people I’ve met on Blipfoto, who takes the most wonderful shots of scenes around northern England, adds his Flickr link most days so you can see the whole series of photos he has taken that day. He has commented that part of the fun is the process of elimination, when choosing “The One” for blip.

      Kathy, at Lake Superior, is trying for just one post a week. Have you considered that? That is the beauty about blogging, you can choose your own style and run with it, whatever that may be. 🙂


  7. The cat is definitely on the top of all the photos.So cute, maybe the cat wants to become a ball. I also love photos and I will try to submit my dog who wanted to be a sleepy home security guard.


  8. OK, I love this. This sense of community between bloggers. Reading through the comments–I know and love almost all the commenters. It is fascinating the way our worlds intersect, move together, move apart. Back to the main subject. Your photos and Blip. I had never heard of Blipfoto until Kathy mentioned it. If I wasn’t in a cutting-back phase, I might be thinking of doing this, too. Instead, will just enjoy it vicariously through you and Sara. My favorite here is of course the unusual angle of Looking Up. That is so cool!


    1. I love it too Kathy. You do know you’re partly to blame though, don’t you? The interaction in the comments on your website make your friends everyone else’s friends too. We get to know each other, just like back in the days of bumping into people in the school playground, when you pick up your children; before you know it, you’re talking and becoming friends! 🙂

      You would love blipfoto, Kathy, and if you feel so inclined later on, you should join! 😀


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