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Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree….or on the clothesline!

Since I started feeding the wild birds who visit my garden, on a regular basis, word must have got around among the Feathered Friends Kingdom that easy to come by food is available in the backyard where the magpies congregate.

When Kathy from Lake Superior Spirit paid me a virtual visit the other day, she told me that she would like to hear a kookaburra laughing.

Well Kathy, rarely do you ever hear just one kookaburra laughing! Even if you only see one kookaburra in the garden, as soon as one begins to laugh, before you know it you have a whole symphony of Laughing Jackasses (the largest members of the Kingfisher family) going hard at it! The whole family is never too far away.

Some days I have eight kookies perched on my clothesline. They prefer meaty treats, but also seem quite content to settle for sharing the bread with the magpies, and various other feathered visitors.

I found this link to the laugh of kookaburras, which sounds true to the real sound. You don’t want to be too close to them when one of them cracks a joke, because their laughter will deafen you!

What’s so funny, eh?

I had intended adding more photos of my other, not so loud, birdie visitors here today, but will save their photos for tomorrow, (or Thursday), for the simple fact that the kookaburras prefer to steal the limelight!

I’m sure all the other birds will thank me for allowing them their own moment in the spotlight, without those comedian kookaburras overshadowing them! 😉

12 thoughts on “Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree….or on the clothesline!

  1. Oh! That could wake you from a sound sleep! They look much prettier than they sound, I think, although they do make me chuckle when they laugh.


  2. The second picture is stunning, Joanne – what a great shot of your kookaburra! And listening to the video was a treat, too. I wonder how the birds around here would react if they heard that exotic, deafening laughter in their midst. What characters they are!


    1. These Kookaburras have become so tame Barbara. They let me walk right up to them to take the photos, so it’s easy to get good ones. It’s almost as if they are posing! I’m pleased you enjoyed our little native Aussies. 🙂


  3. Oooh I’ve never heard the kookaburra before. I cannot imagine what it must be like hearing several of them cackling away at the same time…
    Your pictures are great!


  4. Oh, thank you, thank you, Joanne! I appreciate you taking the time to share on this post. And for letting me know about it–haven’t had as much time to read blogs lately since the kids are here. Your reference to Laughing Jackasses had me smiling this morning. Really? Maybe some day will meet a kookaburra in person.


    1. “Children”, no matter how young or old, always take up our time, don’t you think Kathy? But it is always time very well spent. 🙂

      “Laughing Jackass” is a nickname given to kookaburras (Australian’s are very keen on giving everyone and everything a nickname!) as a term of endearment. Everyone seems to love kookaburras, no matter how loud they get! 🙂


    1. Kookaburras are really enjoyable birds Robin, and very photogenic too. I think I will have to add another whole post, devoted to just them, as I have so many more photos. 🙂


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