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Towns of the Tweed ~ Hastings Point

Hastings Point Headland

Hastings Point is a sleepy little village situated on the Tweed Coast Road, just south of Tweed Heads. I first visited Hastings Point as a small child, back in the days when mum, dad and I would leave our home in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, for our annual camping trip, and head north.

The waves roared and crashed against the rocks.

Those were the days when I would listen to my parents as they talked about the day they dreamed of, when they could move north, to enjoy the warmer climate and a more relaxed lifestyle. They did eventually pack up our lives in the Blue Mountains in 1971, selling everything, to live the rest of their days in their dream world. (I have written the story of our move north, and if you are interested in knowing how the Sea Change came about, it can be read here.)

A few of the locals.

Isn’t it funny how you see things through two different sets of eyes, one when you are a child, another when you become an adult? The Hastings Point I see today is a far cry from the caravan park I recall from my childhood days!

Hastings Point has the most beautiful, breathtaking, rocky headland. To reach the rocks you must climb down from the grassy area above, but my photos begin as we were sitting on the grass, eating fish and chips for lunch, and sharing our food with the ever-so-hungry seagulls!

Looking for an easy lunch offering.

There were other people there that day, eating lunch on the grassy hill overlooking the ocean, but before long nearly every seagull had invited themselves to dine with us!

A seagull giving his interpretation of a hovercraft!

Not only did they walk up and stand right beside where we were sitting, some tame little guys decided that if they put on a show and performed like a little hovercraft in front of us, perhaps they stood a better chance of scoring some chips! And it worked… πŸ™‚

The waves below crashed against the millions of rocks, sending sheets of white spray high into the air. The power of the ocean in itself can take my breath away!

Where are the people?

I spotted a small boat out to sea, which looked rather…well…empty! I zoomed in on it with my camera, and sure enough, there wasn’t a single soul on board. Perhaps the tiny boat was anchored, whilst the occupants headed overboard for a spot of scuba diving.

As the tide was quite high, the natural rock pools were filled with water and we could see the sun gleaming on the shallow water captured within the rocky surrounds.

Shallow water captured in the rock pools.

After lunch (ours, and the seagulls!) we decided to climb down the rocky embankment. There was so much more to see, and with the hill not being too high, it would be an easy decline down the hill. Beside which, I was wearing sensible shoes!

To the south of the point, Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Australia is visible.

The rocks at close range were amazing! The shells, the creatures, the colours, the salty air, the waves, the roaring sounds of the ocean…it was all so magical!

The next day we would go back, to explore the rocky areas below.

But…low tide would be early the next morning, and besides which, my camera battery had gone flat!

Low growing, flowering plants, thriving in the sandy ground.

The next day, we returned….more photos tomorrow. πŸ™‚

I was surprised to discover such pretty plants growing at the beach.

11 thoughts on “Towns of the Tweed ~ Hastings Point

  1. Because I am a day behind (what else is new?) I am reading in reverse, so I have seen your return at low tide and thoroughly enjoyed it. Because I read the second post, I was looking forward to the first, and I am not disappointed.


    1. You know Carol, I could have added even more photos, as I have so many showing the beauty of the area. I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed both posts, in reverse. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Robin. πŸ™‚
      Every time I see the brilliant blues and greens, which are usual colours of the water around this area on a sunny day, it takes my breath away!


    1. I’m glad you like the seagulls photos Kathy, as I loved taking the photos of them! They were all so cute and friendly, and even invited themselves to share lunch with us. πŸ™‚


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