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Welcome to my new WordPress address! :)

The self-proclaimed “King of the Garden” ~ The Kookaburra.

Welcome to the new address of Home Life Online!

When I began blogging at Home Life Online, the very first blog that I ever had, I didn’t know a lot about blogging at all, so every decision I made was based upon the advice of other people.

From all the accounts I read, it seemed that the way to go with blogging was to have a self-hosted website, which would allow me to have complete control over my website.

Well that was nearly three years ago now and during the last three years I have started up another three blogs, each with a different purpose all of its own, and each one being a free WordPress blog. You will find the links to my other three blogs right under the header at the top of this page.

In all honesty, I have yet to find the advantage of paying to host my own WordPress blog! And what is more, I find the free versions easier to navigate around!!

The overseer of all things “garden” ~ Miss Tibbs.

I’m absolutely sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if I were a super-techie type, who knew website code and could decipher programming mumbo-jumbo, I would be singing the praises of the self-hosted website, but unfortunately I’m not techie, or code savvy at all.

For ages now, I’ve toyed with the idea of transferring all the content from my self-hosted website to a free WordPress blog, and today I have finally bitten the bullet. I’ve spent the afternoon signing up, importing, exporting, re-adding, colouring, contemplating, deciding…and finally…it’s all set!

And here it is ~ the new home for Home Life Online!

To make the transition a little easier, I’ve stayed with the same theme, same header, same background, and all the content has been transferred from the old site. It may sound really quite involved, but it wasn’t at all. Even an un-computer-savvy blogger like me could do it!

At my new blog, right here, I will continue along in just the same way as I always have. The kookaburras and the garden, the river and the ocean, in fact everything that has always been there, will now be over here!

Pretty in pink!

There are just two requests I have, with moving my online address ~ firstly, if you were subscribed at the old site, would you mind subscribing again here? You will find the subscription link just to your right, near the top of the column, under the heading “Keep in Touch”. I can’t transfer my subscribers, and would hate to find that I had lost (or misplaced!) anyone during the move. You know what it’s like when you’re moving….

And secondly, if you find that there are any glitches in the new system, could you please tell me about them in your comments? I’ve checked everything from my computer, and all seems well, but you never know about those unwanted gremlins….

Over the next month or two, I will be asking my ever-so computer techie friend if they can help me out with a few things that I would like to do with the old website, but until then, I will leave everything there as is. And you will all be the first to know when my new plans for the old site are up and running!

It will be a whole new revamp, in fact a full-scale renovation, and once I get the ball rolling, the old domain will be a blog no more, but I promise, you will hear about it!

In the meantime, just so as you know you are really at the right address, here is a photo of my beautiful view from my home, of the majestic Mount Warning. 🙂

Mount Warning

14 thoughts on “Welcome to my new WordPress address! :)

    1. Hello Quinn! WordPress made a lot of changes recently, which were very confusing at first, but once I got my head around what they were up to it all made a lot of sense, and now I find is much easier to use than before. I’m so pleased you dropped by today. 🙂


  1. I went through practically the same process, although I started on Blogger, but only because husband and I went on a trip and I wanted to take friends and family with us. No blogging after the trip, until Kat started harassing me to blog, at which point husband decided I should have my own website. Where I used WordPress software. After a couple of years, it seemed to me to make no sense whatsoever to pay for my website, so I made the move. Welcome to the group!


    1. Thank you for the welcome Carol! It doesn’t make any sense at all to pay for what is just as (if not more) effective, for free, does it? I’m pleased now that I’ve finally made the change, and didn’t lose any site content in the change over either. 🙂


  2. I LOVE that you’re here on WordPress (official WordPress) because now it feels like we’re in the same neighborhood. I want everyone to move to this neighborhood, but that’s rather selfish, right, because other people like their own neighborhoods just fine! **grin** Glad you will have more change in your pocket!


  3. I’ve just been poking around your site a bit this morning and didn’t realize you weren’t originally a WordPress blogger. I hope you are enjoying WP. I also noticed that we’ve been blogging for almost the same amount of time – you started about 5 months before me according to your archives. I love the shot of the kookaburra that starts this blog post! Is that the sort of bird that you get to see on a daily basis?


    1. I used to have a self-hosted blog Karen, and since the change I have discovered quite a few differences with the WordPress hosted blog. I’m thinking that I will write a post about my discoveries, as I know that a lot of people can’t decide between the two options.

      I wonder if you have seen a kookaburra before! They are delightful birds and yes, they visit my garden just about every day. I wouldn’t want it any other way. 🙂


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