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Summer’s Enchanting Changes

flowering pony tails

“And meanwhile the beautiful golden days were dropping gently from the second week one by one, equal in beauty with those of the first, and the scent of beanfields in flower on the hillside beyond the village came across to San Salvatore whenever the air moved.” ~ The Enchanted April.

The year is a whole two weeks old and summer, although slow to start in my corner of the sub-tropics, has made up for the previous lack of hot summer’s days during the past week.

The highest temperature we have reached has only been around 34 degrees Celsius, which is easy to cope with, if it wasn’t for the humidity. During days of humidity there is nothing else to do other than to lazy around, drinking cold glasses of water, windows opened wide, trying to catch just a hint of a breeze wafting through, even if only for a moment or two.

Change can be such a fickle little creature though. Never become resolved to expecting almost intolerable heat for the next few weeks, once it seems to have set in. You may be surprised by the cool winds of change, gentle rain, cool breezes, and temperatures dropping by ten degrees within a few hours….

wet web

Ahhhhh, the relief the cooler air, the ever so slight chill on my arms and promises of a night of sweet dreams, unhindered by the heat, after I have finished reading the last chapter of “The Enchanted April”.

Oh how I have enjoyed reading this book, taking virtual walks through the gardens of the Italian castle on the shores of the Mediterranean Ocean, with Rose, Lotty, Lady Caroline and old Mrs Fisher, each in their own time experiencing the bewitching spell which is cast over them by the beauty and magic surrounding the castle by the sea.

This place, this time, has changed all of their lives, forever.


I am completely and thoroughly besotted by this book. It has touched my heart with its simplicity. The old world charm of the text is simply delightful. Moments of dry humour are dotted throughout the story. Each chapter holds within its pages the promise of magic and love, happiness and wonder, and gardens filled with the fragrances and colours of the season.

“In the garden that second week the poet’s eyed narcissus disappeared out of the long grass at the edge of the zigzag path, and wild gladiolus, slender and rose-coloured, came in their stead, white pinks bloomed in the borders, filling the whole place with their smoky-sweet smell, and a bush nobody had noticed burst into glory and fragrance, and it was a purple lilac bush.”

Simply enchanting….

13 thoughts on “Summer’s Enchanting Changes

    1. Hi, Sybil – Nova Scotia is one place I’ve always wanted to visit. Our Cajuns down here in Louisiana hail from Nova Scotia, and one day I hope to see it firsthand. ❤


  1. You threw me for a moment there, then I remembered you’re in Australia. (It was an “ah ha” moment, definitely.) Beautiful photos, Joanne, but I hope you’ll forgive me when I tell you that I’m a winter lover. Growing up in the South, we don’t get much cold weather, so I enjoy it while I can. ❤


    1. I’d love to visit Nova Scotia too Stacy! My girls used to love watching their video of “Anne of Green Gables” when they were little, where the story is set and also was filmed, and I fell in love with the area back then.

      I know how you feel about enjoying your cold weather when you have some, we are the same here! 🙂


  2. I love the word “besotted”. So happy you are enjoying the book. And you have shared a taste of sweet summer with all of us frozen in the northern hemisphere. Thank you.


    1. You do love summer Karma, don’t you. 🙂

      Schools are closed down here if the temperatures reach a high point! I’ve only ever needed to retreive my children from school once, and that was due to flood waters. What a treat for them to go home and build snowmen, instead of going to school! 🙂


  3. Not a fan of heat and humidity here, but your bright and summery pictures make the subtropical climate look so appealing right now… We finally woke up to snow on the ground this morning – yay! – and there you are, half a world away, welcoming the warmth and enchantment of summer! I must read the book soon!


    1. If I had the choice Barbara, I would choose a cooler climate to live in, one which has four seasons! But my family are all here, my children, so I wouldn’t want to be too far away from them. That’s why I decided a couple of years ago to search for the good things about my area! I’m far more content with living here now. 🙂

      Enjoy your snow!! And let me know when you have read the book, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. 🙂


  4. The first image is stunning. It looks like a painting. It’s nice to come here and be enchanted by your warm weather on this brutally cold day in the Bogs. Thank you for the warmth. 🙂


    1. You’re welcome, Robin. 🙂

      I was rather taken with the first photo too, after I uploaded it to my computer! I thought the same as you, it does look like a painting and I can only explain the way it looks by thinking it must have been just the right light and also the rain on the trees and leaves. 🙂


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