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Words on Wednesday…


Have you ever found yourself living life on a roller-coaster, both emotionally and physically, when all you really wish for is peace? Managed to get conned into playing the lead roll in dramas, whist yearning for a quiet place back stage?

When your deepest desire is to yell out in your loudest voice, “Stop the world, I wanna get off”, you know it’s time to force yourself into a backseat position, where you can flick through the pages of your book unnoticed, hide in a quiet place in the corner of the garden to take photos of flowers and birds, switch off the phone (and/or take the phone off the hook!), batten down the hatches, take a few deep breaths of sea air (how long is it since I went down to the beach??) and get a hold of your thoughts and feelings.


When I visit Tess’s Azalea, shown above, I yearn for my quiet, loyal, well behaved old dog, wishing she could still be the pup in my life. She’s been gone now for eighteen months, yet a visit to her grave usually has me with tears in my eyes, remembering. Don’t for a minute imagine that I don’t love and adore my three grand-pups, Porter, Bella and Forrest….they just aren’t Tess, they don’t walk at my pace, they don’t see the world through my eyes. They are not my pets.


For the last three weeks, just Forrest has lived here, the other two have moved away, and I’ve been able to encourage the birds back into the garden. They fall for bribes of mince and mush every day, and now they are seeing a minimum amount of Dog-Danger about, they are timidly taking their chances and returning to the bird food table.

double decker

The kookaburras are the bravest birds, along with the maggies. Nothing scares them away for too long, not even the pooches! And Forest pup is very young, and trainable. She’s beginning to learn the meaning of the word “no”, which is said often, when I see that little cheeky glint in her eye and suspect she is about to chase a bird!

(Now if I could just train her to stay out of my garden beds!!! Who knows how many “well-matured” dog bones I will find during my future gardening adventures!)

full moon

For my birthday this year, husband gave me a fancy new camera, and when I have saved many, many dollars and cents, I will be in the market for a zoom lens. The lens the new camera came with is marvelous, and the close up photos I have been taking are as clear as a bell, which is very exciting! But when it comes to taking photos of the moon, nothing beats the zoom on my little Canon PowerShot.

gerberas 2

Last weekend I took a visit to our local garden centre to find some colourful flowers for the garden, and arrived back home with a car load. I planted a few, whilst weeding and mulching the new, long garden down beside the driveway, but ran out of daylight. Autumn and winter are wonderful seasons for gardening here, except for the shorter daylight hours!

I’m concentrating my gardening efforts on the front yard right now, as the back yard is a construction zone. An area of the paving at the back of the house had sunk, so a new retaining wall is in progress, the paving (and there’s a lot of it!) will be lifted and replaced and we may even be adding a covering for the patio area, all being well. (It depends on that little matter of the dollars and cents again!!)

happy faces

My son and his lovely financé will be married this September, right here in our garden! So everything around the house and garden must be just right by then….Adam has lived in this house his entire life, and his baby will have the same address on their birth certificate as their Daddy, when they are born in November.

Last Friday, I had brand new carpet laid in the room which is to be the baby’s nursery. It was Adam’s nursery once upon a time, and now he and Mary are preparing the room for their own tiny baby.

How long will the new family live here? I’m not sure right now. They need security, they are so very young, and with the love and support of both families they should have themselves sorted within the next year or two.

honeyeaters (2)

With so much movement within the house recently, every room ended up in a state of chaos! With my daughter and her two dogs leaving, I took the opportunity to have most of the carpet in the house cleaned, so rooms were emptied. Then rooms had to be rearranged and reorganised. And some rooms ended up with the remains of “items no longer required”, which I have mostly sorted through this past weekend. The sorting, tidying and cleaning has seemed to be a never-ending job!

misty day

My work room/office/sewing room is the last room to clean and tidy, although it isn’t in too bad a state. I spend a number of hours every day in this room, and I simply cannot function in a complete mess, so the room stays relatively tidy. Just a bit of a quick clean should see it as good as before.

We’ve had a lot of rain here during the last week, with the valley being invisible behind a huge cloud of mist some days. I love living on higher ground, where the clouds sometimes find you, and you can hide away from the rest of the world. The temperatures are cooler here than ten minutes drive down the hill too, so I can enjoy a tiny patch of winter….my favourite time of the year. 🙂

misty morning

I took the photo above at around 7 am one morning last week, when the low-lying mist sat on the floor of the valley, covering the sugar cane fields and looking as if the ocean had made its way slightly inland overnight. It’s a beautiful sight to see when this happens.

valley mist

I miss blogging. Actually I’m missing a lot of things that are usually an important part of my life. Husband and I try to have an afternoon cup of coffee together every day, just to chat, and to retain some normality in our lives, as some days it feels like everything is moving too fast and spiraling out of control. Even if we don’t agree on all family matters, it’s good to have an ally, a person around the same age, who views things in the light of people of our vintage. By that I mean as opposed to the younger generation who, as much as we love them and have taught them right from wrong, can at times be strongly influenced by significant people in their own lives, who were not raised with our values, yet they wish to try and enforce their ways onto our family.

moody blues

Recently, I’ve had to put my foot down, so to speak, on a number of issues, which goes against the grain for me! I rarely raise my voice, let alone yell, and a couple of family members have pushed my patience to the nth degree recently, seeing a side of me that is rarely shown to anyone. I don’t apologise for being slow to anger, I would hate to be a hot tempered person, and my family knows I’m serious when I do yell! And sometimes, unfortunately, yelling is called for, when a quiet voice is not being listened to.

Now that peace reigns supreme in the household again, I don’t ever want to be placed in an unpleasant situation like that again!


My two cats have remained my constant, cuddly companions this year. My old Phoebe girl, who turned sixteen in February this year, has the most beautiful soft fur, she’s half Persian, half Tortoiseshell, which often blurs in a photo, but my new camera shows her cuddly coat in photos looking just as it does in “person”, so I’ve been taking more photos of her lately. My last photo shows Phoebe in one of her favourite positions, right in front of the window, where she sees the outside world, which she no longer ventures into, yet I’m sure she remembers.



Last Wednesday I posted a “Wordless Wednesday” photo, just to keep in touch. I can’t promise that I will return to regular blogging yet, what with all of the “happenings” in my world, but I will try to add a short photo post occasionally. “Silent Sunday” may be another option for me whilst the craziness continues.  My mind is a-buzz with the things that I want to do, yet many a day my body travels through the hours taking care of all the things I have to do!

Until next time, take good care of yourselves, be happy, and I hope events in your world are treating you kindly. xx


8 thoughts on “Words on Wednesday…

  1. Yes, yes, to all of your questions! You’ve certainly got a lot going on in your life right now, Joanne. Hang on there, more calm and peaceful times are sure to follow. We’ve had family moving in and moving out in recent years and I do know how stressful that can be. And we’re about to start with some renovations so I foresee a lot of chaos and sorting re-entering my life shortly. What a blessing you have such a large garden to take care of! And it will be a blessing to have a new baby in the house! You’ve got so much to look forward to with your first grandchild.

    Thanks so much for the update on your life – I think of you often and wish you well in the coming months.


    1. Thank you so much, Barbara. I had such wonderful plans for this year, little did I know that the year ahead had plans of its own for my life. I do hope that your renovations will be enjoyable, sorting and reorganising can be very satisfying, a good opportunity to discard what is no longer necessary in your life, making way for the new to arrive. With that in mind, I have some linen cupboards that I must get to clearing out…. 🙂


  2. It was so nice to read a catch-up of all that’s been going on for you. I do know the feelings you describe. I’ve been away from blogging myself for some of the same. As I said in my comment to you, I’m hoping to get back into soon, since I’m on my summer break from school (that hasn’t felt all that summery lately, been kind of rainy and cool 😦 ) Enjoy that new camera – and beware, wanting new lenses can become a little addiction – it has for me and I find myself hunting for ways to get them as inexpensively as possible!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a shame you are having cool weather, I’ve been hearing that many states are having it rather warm just now. Maybe the sun will find you soon, I hope so, as I know how much you love the summer weather. As for the camera lenses, I’ve been thinking that ebay might be a good place to look for bargain prices, but I won’t be doing that until after the wedding! There’s so much expense right now, but I will get more lenses one day, and I imagine you are right about the addiction. 🙂


  3. I do remember roller coaster days, and now I relish the peace and calm. Remember that this too shall pass and make sure to take time to jump off the roller coaster and enjoy your camera, your gardens and your furry kids.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s what I’m trying to do, yet they feel like stolen moments just now. Thank you for your words of reassurance, Carol. It’s good to be reminded that the chaos will pass.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh Joanne, so much going on. Missed dog. Wedding plans. House-sharing. Baby coming. Lots of prepping. Glad you took the time to share. Hard to believe that Winter looks like THAT for anyone. Wish I’d been born in your neck of the woods, but it feel unpatriotic of me to say that given that this is “Canada Day”. lol

    Blog when you can. Post pics from that loverly new camera your sweetie baboo bought you. BTW I can’t believe the quality of that Moon shot that you took on your lil’ camera.

    Be kind to yourself.

    Consider yourself HUGGED.

    Glad the birds are returning to your garden.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I saw a lot on Facebook about Canada Day, and hope you had an enjoyable day in whatever you did, Sybil. And thank you so much for the hugs, some days I feel I need many! 🙂


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